A New Battlefield Game Confirmed For 2018, Anthem Releasing In 2019


A new Battlefield game is coming this October and Anthem, EA’s newest first-person shooter IP will make its debut next year.

EA confirmed their newest first-person IP Anthem’s release during their Q3 earnings call today. Anthem will see a release in 2019. Reports said EA took the decision as the development was running behind. But EA confirmed that was not the case, and their intention behind the delay is because they have a new Battlefield game lined up for 2018.

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Anthem didn’t have a proper release date until now. EA said the game is scheduled for a fall 2018 release. But after all the discussions, Anthem is sure to hit stores in Q1 2019 or Q4 2019.

Rumors said the 2018 Battlefield will be ‘Bad Company 3’. Eurogamer reached out to a few sources close to DICE for confirmation and found out the rumour was fake.

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