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I’ve never been an FPS fan and by FPS, I clearly mean shooters that demands dragging the mouse like it’s some fancy Norse boat. If you ask me to list down the number of FPS games I’ve played in my entire lifetime, I will save you some paper, some ink and some effort. Counting on fingers would be a more appropriate method here.

The only FPS games I’ve played are Call of Duty titles, singleplayer of course, two Far Cry titles and Medal of Honor. Subsequently, I did try out Battlefield 1 during its Open Beta weekend and I must say, I have never had an experience like that before.

Battlefield 1 ran tight on my PC and I had to close almost every other application for the game to function properly. Despite the technical backwardness, I enjoyed every moment of it and felt the power of a truly massive open battleground, until I got back to my daily Dota 2 grinding hours.

Battlefield 5

Battlefield V – What I Expected

To be honest, I didn’t expect anything particular from Battlefield V. Judging from the trailers and screenshots, the visuals of the game looked crisp and inviting. Gameplay felt fluid, gun mechanics were improved and the buildings were now 100% destroyable. All of these were just fine with me.

Since the announcement of Nvidia RTX Ray Tracing technology, Battlefield fans have been pumped up. I don’t think the Open Beta build supports Ray Tracing, but, as I tested it on the PS4, it doesn’t matter anyway.

Coming back, I expected a few gameplay improvements here and there and from my three-hour experience, I can say, DICE showcased their best.

Battlefield 5

What I Experienced

Before you take me for a fool, an FYI tip I don’t mind. While reading through an article, my brain processed and stored the date for the Open Beta to be 4th September. I returned home from school, my entire body covered in sweat. I was drowsier than ever. With many hopes, I switched on the PS4 for a fresh experience.

“Sorry, you do not have early access”.

I went back to the article with the impression that it was misleading but “6th September” shined like the polestar. Was I wrong all along? Anyway, I’ll fast-forward to the date.

I was having some internet issues at first and the servers had insanely high latency. I fiddled with my internet router in the hopes of fixing the darned connection, and a few moments later I was ready to spawn as a WWII soldier. The best server gave me a ping of 86ms, allowing me to die without any lags.

Battlefield 5

The classes are the same as Battlefield 1 – Assault, Support, Medic and Scout, the UI looked like a polished version of its preceding title and the graphics were close to Battlefield 1 as well. To be honest, at many points the game felt like a reskin of Battlefield 1 with a few upgrades here and there. Nevertheless, whatever may be the process behind Battlefield V’s development, the game does not fail to keep you hooked to your screen for hours.

I had great problems controlling the camera and aiming at the required positions at first but eventually, I learned to aim better, and I must confirm, as an intermediate FPS player, I did quite well.

The running feels more natural than Battlefield 1, jumps and vaults are pretty well-choreographed and the “Bob The Builder” obstacle building scenes are fun to watch, but of course, with salted popcorn. In one of my matches, a team member was moving around his position building a massive barrage that blocked the path entirely. He was headshot the next moment anyway.

Battlefield 5

The gameplay mechanics are well done but the recoil was beyond my capacity to deal with. If you are met with a certain desire to go Rambo mode holding down the shoot button in the middle of a gunfight, your reticle will gradually shift towards the sky because of the recoil factor. And if that is the case, kiss your sweet kills goodbye.

Agree with me or not, but Battlefield V’s sound effects are remarkably commendable. Playing with my headphones on, I could literally feel the war pacing up. The bombardments, planes flying, tanks rushing past with their engines revving, everything takes the game to a whole new level of immersion.

Even during my Battlefield 1 Open Beta sessions, the sound kept the scenes lively and had me hooked more than anything else.Battlefield 5

The Modes I Played

I sat through a dozen Conquest matches and enjoyed my deaths thoroughly. For the Tides of War and Grand Operations mode, “work in progress boy!”.

Conquest is reasonably fun and worth your time. Fight your way through the streets of Rotterdam, capture flags, call for Squad Reinforcements and ignore fallen teammates even when they’re begging to be revived. I just love the last part.

I tried connecting to a Tides of War match but there weren’t many players on around that time. Hopefully, once I play through both Tides of War and Grand Operations myself, I’ll update this article with my opinion about the same.

Battlefield 5

Let’s End This

Overall, Battlefield V deserves to be the “War Game Of The Year” but again, are there any war games coming out this year? But, what the hell. EA has done a great job skipping loot boxes (given that it stays that way when the full version is released) for this game, interacting with the community, listening to fans’ feedback and improving the game to meet their demands. At the end of the day, Battlefield V was an amazing experience and it surely deserves all the respect and acknowledgement it should have.

Let me know about your views on the Battlefield V Open Beta and of course, this 1000-word article. If you haven’t yet played the beta, you should. Go ahead. It’s free anyway –

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Battlefield V is due for release on November 19th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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