Battlefield V

DICE has been actively participating in community forums, taking in feedback from players and implementing them accordingly. A recent tweet from well-known FPS player JackFrags describes it in a better way.

In Battlefield V, you will be able to customise your weapons during a match, with no requirement of going back to the Main Menu. This was a major problem with Battlefield 1 and it seems community feedback is helping the game.

DICE has also toned down the more “wacky” customisation options, some of which, we saw in the reveal trailer. These include Katanas on the back of British soldiers on the Western Front and soldiers fighting with prosthetic arms.

Battlefield V is due on 20th November for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


PC: ₹3,499 ($59.99)
PS4 (Physical): ₹4,499 ($59.99)
PS4 (Digital): ₹3,375 ($59.99)
Xbox One (Physical): ₹4,499 ($59.99)
Xbox One (Digital): ₹3,500 ($59.99)

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