Bayonetta 3 Will Have Censor Mode – Here’s Why

As strange as it may sound, Bayonetta 3 will provide a Censor mode. This will allow players to choose to have some game components blurred for their convenience.

Later this year, Bayonetta 3 will be made publicly available to fans. Gamers got a quick glimpse of it at a Nintendo Direct last fall. This makes it one of PlatinumGames’ most eagerly awaited Switch releases. When the newest Bayonetta 3 trailer announced the game’s release date and confirmed that it would happen at the end of October, the anticipation for the title increased even more.

Censor Mode – WHY?

PlatinumGames explains that there is an optional censor mode for some gamers. Even though the teaser showcased the action and character models in their authentic appearance.

  • This mode, which goes by the name “Naive Angel,” will be available. We can watch the censor mode showcase via a tweet from PlatinumGames.
    • When this option is on, it will hide certain Bayonetta actions that expose a lot of skin. One of which is when she uses her Wicked Weave strikes.
    • Bayonetta won’t be stripped down to the point of being fully naked; instead, she will wear a bodysuit.
    • This also applies to Bayonetta’s Masquerade transformations. The tweet also includes a video that illustrates the variations depending on whether the mode is active or not.

Well, if you just watched the animation, then why would you even use the censor mode right? Fans have of course differing opinions about this new mode. This is evidenced by the tweet, which appears to be a strip tease.

Censor Mode may attract more audience

While some fans think it doesn’t make sense for this mode to be an inclusion, we do think that this is essential to conservative parents and if you have younger siblings in the household. This may boost its sales to younger teens if parents see that there’s an option available for it to be more bearable to watch on the family couch.

This mode, which is entirely optional, helps the game appeal to a wider audience that would be slightly turned off by its overtly sexual material. It’s funny how PlatinumGames suggests that this mode is ideal for playing directly in the living room without the game being interpreted as something else. The Super Smash Bros. series’ treatment of Bayonetta was compared by fans to this mode.

New Enemies + Viola

Screengrab Courtesy of Nintendo via YouTube

The new trailer showcased the concept of the game, fresh foes, and Bayonetta’s new demonic abilities.

  • Additionally, it showcased some beloved characters including Rodin, Enzo, and Luka.
    • Along with Raiden from Metal Gear Rising and Nero from Devil May Cry, Viola, an Umbra Witch with the ability to conjure a huge Cheshire Cat doll and utilize a katana, is a new character in Bayonetta 3.

Without losing any of the people who appreciated the daring aspects of the franchise, this mode will probably help Bayonetta 3 reach a wider audience. PlatinumGames is making a lot of efforts to promote the game as widely as possible in the few months before release, and this mode is one of them.

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