MrBeast is a popular YouTuber with millions of followers. He is known for his stunts, challenges, and philanthropic work. However, in recent times, there have been rumors surrounding one of his former crew members, Marcus.

MrBeast fired Marcus from his team, but the reasons for his departure were not clear at first. In this article, we will examine why MrBeast forced Marcus to leave the crew and what happened to him.

Marcus’ Instagram Rant

After Marcus’ departure from MrBeast’s crew, he took to his Instagram stories to express his frustrations with MrBeast and his crew. He ranted about being kicked out of the crew and accused MrBeast of trying to eliminate him and other crew members in one of his stories. Marcus went on to say that he was going to act like he needed MrBeast’s crew, but since they thought he was stupid, he had to leave.

Marcus’ Dark Side

Some viewers were surprised by Marcus’ behavior on Instagram since it was different from what they had seen in MrBeast’s videos. However, according to some sources, Marcus has a dark side that has not been evident until now. While it is not clear what led to his departure from the crew, it is clear that there were underlying issues that were not visible to the public.

After Marcus’s termination from the MrBeast Crew, fans began circulating rumors about possible drug use. After observing Marcus’s manic behavior on Instagram, some fans speculated that his termination from the crew might be linked to drug use, as they knew that MrBeast did not tolerate drug use among the crew members.

However, these rumors have not been substantiated, and they only add more mystery to the circumstances surrounding Marcus’s departure from the crew. The real reason behind the separation could have been due to irreconcilable differences between MrBeast and Marcus. If Marcus wants to collaborate with another popular YouTuber, he will likely need to find someone other than MrBeast.

Marcus’ Rant Continues

In another Instagram story, Marcus continued to rant about MrBeast and his crew. He accused them of trying to get rid of him and other people who were trying to make the team better. He claimed that there was a disconnect between MrBeast and the rest of the crew, and that MrBeast had a disconnect somewhere. Marcus also thanked his fans and supporters who had been with him while he was with MrBeast’s crew.

Sudden and Unexpected

In conclusion, Marcus’ departure from MrBeast’s crew was sudden and unexpected. Although the reasons for his departure are not entirely clear, it seems that there were underlying issues that led to his firing.

Marcus’ Instagram behavior suggests he was frustrated with MrBeast and the crew. Disagreements ensued, but remained unresolved. MrBeast has not commented, but Marcus’ absence is felt by fans. He was an essential member of the crew.

Who is Marcus Veltri? A Look into the Life of MrBeast’s Former Crew Member

Marcus Veltri is a former member of MrBeast’s crew who gained popularity for his participation in various YouTube challenges and stunts. He joined MrBeast’s team in 2018 and quickly became a fan favorite, thanks to his outgoing personality and willingness to take on any challenge thrown his way. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the life and career of Marcus Veltri.

Early Life and Background

Marcus Veltri was born on August 20, 1998, in Ohio, United States. Growing up, Marcus was known for his outgoing personality and his love for adventure. He was always up for trying new things, and this led him to become interested in extreme sports and stunts.

Career and Rise to Fame

Marcus Veltri started his career on YouTube in 2018 when he joined MrBeast’s crew. He quickly gained popularity for his participation in various stunts and challenges, including staying in a haunted hotel for 24 hours, spending a night on a deserted island, and attempting to break a world record for the longest time spent in a pool of slime.

In addition to his work with MrBeast, Marcus also had his own YouTube channel where he shared his own adventures and experiences. He often documented his travels and shared his love for extreme sports, such as skateboarding and surfing.

Departure from MrBeast’s Crew

In early 2021, Marcus Veltri announced his departure from MrBeast’s crew. While he did not give a specific reason for leaving, he did express his gratitude to MrBeast and his team for the opportunities they provided him. He also assured his fans that he would continue to create content on his own YouTube channel.

Impact on MrBeast’s Channel and Fans

Marcus Veltri’s departure from MrBeast’s crew had a significant impact on the channel and its fans. Many fans expressed their sadness and disappointment at the news, with some even creating petitions to bring him back. In subsequent videos, fans have felt the absence of Marcus, who was considered an essential member of the crew.


Marcus Veltri is a talented and adventurous young man who gained fame through his work with MrBeast’s crew. While his departure from the team was a significant loss, his fans continue to support him in his future endeavors. We can only hope that Marcus continues to pursue his passion for adventure and extreme sports, and that we’ll see more of him on YouTube in the future.

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