Los Angeles, California – Ben Affleck’s son accidentally crashes his dad’s Lamborghini into another vehicle on Sunday.

The Batman star, Ben Affleck, brought his son, Samuel, together with his fiancée Jennifer Lopez, to a luxury vehicle dealership, the 777 Exotics, in Los Angeles last June 27. While browsing for luxury cars in the area, Affleck left his current girlfriend and future wife, JLo (Jennifer Lopez) in the backseat while his son was in front of the wheel.

To everyone’s surprise, Ben Affleck’s $225,000 yellow Lamborghini bumped right into the BMW SUV parked just behind the Lambo. Samuel, 10, accidentally turned his father’s Lamborghini into reverse, making it crash into the said vehicle.

Screengrab Courtesy of X17 Online (via YouTube)
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Ben Affleck and some personnel immediately checked the vehicles for any damages and found only minor scratches. In addition to that, Affleck’s spokesperson confirmed that everything is alright and there is no extreme damage inflicted to the cars or the people nearby.

In a captured video, you can see Ben checking his car while the staff of the dealership is taking a look at the rear part of the vehicle. There were no serious damages of any kind according to the video. We can also see Affleck and JLo comforting Samuel after the incident.

After everything was confirmed clear, Jennifer Lopez took Samuel for a stroll to keep catch some fresh air. Later that same day, all three of them left the area via a different car.

Who is Samuel?

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Gardner, and their son Samuel, Photo Courtesy of intouchweekly.com

Samuel Garner Affleck is the offspring of Hollywood stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Among the estranged couple’s three children, Samuel is the youngest and the only boy. He has two sisters namely Violet (16 years old) and Seraphina (13 years old).

Although Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner had already parted ways in June of 2015, the two are still supportive of each other and are still on good terms. They have been great at handling their relationship as co-parents of their three wonderful children.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in 2003, Photo Courtesy of Kevin Winter

During the early 2000s, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, a.k.a Bennifer, were already a thing. The couple was even engaged in 2002 but called off their marriage plans in 2004. Since then, Affleck and Lopez have lived separate lives, married, and gave birth to beautiful kids. But, both of them had failed marriages resulting in a divorce.

Just last year, the two were spotted hanging out in Los Angeles. Rumors were already spreading about their “exclusive” relationship but were later confirmed when they made it official in July 2021. It was only a matter of time until Ben popped the question and in April of 2022, JLo was spotted wearing what looks to be an engagement ring which we can safely assume she already said yes.

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