One of the best ways to preserve your PlayStation 5 is by ensuring that it always has enough cooling. It is a must if you find yourself constantly gaming or playing those long 8-hour+ sessions in a day. You’ll eventually notice that the fans will sound louder, indicating that it’s working extra to keep the unit cool. A cooling fan is the best choice to alleviate the strain.

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Many are available in the market, but very few provide what you need. Here is a list of the best ones, combining functionality, price, and features:

  1. SIKEMAY PS5 Cooling Fan

SIKEMAY cools by having a fan much stronger than the internal fans of the PlayStation 5. It does so while staying relatively quiet, making it an excellent choice for cooling. It also has a USB passthrough port, meaning you don’t have to use the front port of the PS5. Instead, the cooler will stay at the back of the unit, and lights will let you know when they are in use.

  1. NexiGo PS5 Accessories Cooling Stand

The NexiGo Cooling Stand has different cooling settings to help you find optimal performance. It also has a downward design that lets the heat out through the bottom of the cooler. It has multiple functions, such as charging two DualSense controllers on each. A full charge from an empty will happen in about three hours.

Aside from the fan and charger, it has a headphones holder and an attachment for your console. There are some storage slots to place games, and it is compatible with the two versions of the PS5. One of its advantages is stability, as you won’t have to worry about the PS5 moving around while standing.

  1. Kiwihome PS5 Cooling Fan

Those wanting a simple cooling fan may opt to buy the Kiwihome. It has a USB port, providing what you need through a simple attachment. It also has elastic locks that allow you to keep the fans in place no matter how you place your PlayStation 5. The Kiwihome comes in different colors and has three high-speed fans.

  1. OIVO PS5 Stand

The OIVO PS5 Stand is unparalleled when it comes to function. Like the other cooling stands, it has efficient cooling fans with LED light indicators for its controller chargers. It also has two USB ports and a 2-in-1 USB-C cable for the extra connection. It comes with a screw storage that can hold 12 PS5 games and dissipates heat at the bottom, similar to other vertical cooling stands.

The metal base is one of its advantages as it absorbs and dissipates heat quicker. The stand also has a protective chip that prevents it from overcharging controllers and gives it voltage protection. It also has a faster fan with low noise. According to tests, it can charge an empty DualSense controller in about two and a half hours.

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