Best Games to Get at the Steam Summer Sale 2023

Steam Summer Sale 2023

What a happy summer day! You have probably been looking forward to this event for a while now. Steam Summer Sale 2023 is finally here! This yearly event offers so many discounts on a lot of game titles. There are too many offers that you might become overwhelmed and have difficulty deciding what to buy. Don’t worry; this article will discuss the best games to get during the Steam Summer Sale 2023. Let’s dive in!

A Masterlist of Games You Shouldn’t Miss Out this Sale Season

Steam Summer Sale 2023
Steam game genres, screengrab courtesy of Steam

As you might know, the yearly Steam Summer Sale event offers you many old and new game titles with jaw-dropping discounts. Yes, it might be confusing about what to get because it’s no surprise that every time there’s a sale on Steam, you want to buy as many games as possible.

Steam Summer Sale 2023 is available from June 29 to July 13.

Here, we list the best games from Steam’s biggest sale this summer. Whether it’s an old or a new game, we personally hand-picked what’s best, according to the ratings and the final price.

1) New World

Now is the right time to buy this massively multiplayer online RPG.

New World Steam Summer Sale 2023
New World, screengrab courtesy of Steam

Released on September 2021, this game has a positive review on Steam. New World is perfect for players who love to grind their way to excellence.

Now: $15.99

Was: $39.99 (-60%)

2) Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

From the creator of the Bloodborne and Dark Souls series, Sekiro is an incredible game.

Sekiro Steam Summer Sale 2023
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, screengrab courtesy of Steam

Whether you are looking for a challenge or you love a story-rich game with beautiful scenery, now is the perfect time to buy Sekiro.

Now: $29.99

Was: $59.99 (-50%)

3) For Honor

Two dollars for a great game? You heard that right! If you haven’t tried this incredible third-person medieval swordplay, now is the perfect time to start playing.

For Honor Steam Summer Sale 2023
For Honor, screengrab courtesy of Steam

For Honor will give you a great time with its complex mechanics and outstanding graphics. Definitely one of the best deals to get from Steam’s summer sale this 2023.

Now: $2.99

Was: $14.99 (-80%)

4) FIFA 23

Although FIFA 23 has a mixed rating on Steam, this well-known football game is still a must-buy for those who love the sport.

FIFA 23 Steam Summer Sale 2023
FIFA 23, screengrab courtesy of Steam

Having a huge 75% off discount, you can enjoy playing with your favorite clubs online or offline.

Now: $17.49

Was: $69.99 (-75%)

5) Devil May Cry 5

If you miss playing Dante, the demon-hunter in Devil May Cry, this is a perfect time to buy the DMC 5.

Devil May Cry 5 Steam Summer Sale 2023
Devil May Cry 5, screengrab courtesy of Steam

Although relatively old, this 2019 game is a must-buy for DMC collectors and hack-and-slash enjoyers.

Now: $9.89

Was: $29.99 (-67%)

6) Grounded

Since it became a viral hit on TikTok and other video-sharing platforms, many players have been waiting for this popular survival game to get a discount.

Grounded Steam Summer Sale 2023
Grounded, screengrab courtesy of Steam

With the Steam Summer Sale 2023 now live, it’s the perfect opportunity to get your hands on Grounded! With a very positive rating on Steam, buying this beautiful yet dangerous online survival game is worth it.

Now: $23.99

Was: $39.99 (-40%)

7) Red Dead Redemption 2

Whether you play for the online multiplayer or the award-winning story-rich single-player, Red Dead Redemption 2 is worth buying.

RDR 2 Steam Summer Sale 2023
Red Dead Redemption 2, screengrab courtesy of Steam

With the game’s PC version, you can install mods that will further elevate your experience in Rockstar’s classic cowboy open-world game. Plus, it’s a great way to kill some time before Rockstar releases any updates on GTA 6’s arrival.

Now: $19.79

Was: $59.99 (-67%)

8) High On Life

Looking for a comedy-filled action FPS game?

High On Life Steam Summer Sale 2023
High On Life, screengrab courtesy of Steam

If you’ve got this on your wishlist, chances are you’ve seen the viral clips of High On Life wherein you try surviving the chaos while listening to your companion talk smack about you. Released in late 2022, this ‘Rick and Morty’ game style is now half-priced thanks to the great Summer Sale.

Now: $29.99

Was: $59.99 (-50%)

9) Forza Horizon 5

Last but not least, Forza Horizon 5 is an open-world racing game with numerous vehicles based on real-life specifications.

Forza Horizon 5 Steam Summer Sale 2023
Forza Horizon 5, screengrab courtesy of Steam

Forza Horizon 5 is one of the best games to get in the Steam Summer Sale 2023. How could it not? With its ‘very positive’ rating and the 50% off discount during the sale, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this deal of a lifetime. Get this game before the sale ends!

Now: $29.99

Was: $59.99 (-50%)

There you have it, Spiel Times’ edition of the best games to buy on Steam Summer Sale 2023. Do you have other recommendations? Comment down below and let other gamers know more exciting deals to get during this once-in-a-year sale!

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