Top 10 K-dramas on Netflix
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Korea with its K-drama and K-movies ranked second most watched country after the USA in the statistics released by Netflix. The viewers did not only watch horror, action, or crime genre but also romance and slice-of-life genres. This change of interest in K-dramas started after director Bong Joon-Ho‘s Oscar-winning film Parasite challenged the language barrier of entertainment.

  • The year 2022 was a generous year for K-dramas. According to the Flix Patrol, a global OTT streams rating network, there were 10 K-dramas which managed to trend on the Netflix global charts. Let’s take a look at this list so you don’t miss out on the best K-dramas of 2022. 

Best K-dramas to watch on Netflix before 2022 ends


1. All of Us Are Dead

This Horror K-drama follows the story of students trapped in their school during a zombie apocalypse due to a virus outbreak. It is based on a webtoon by Joo Dong-Geun and stars Park Solomon and Choi Yi-Hyun. The drama is ranked 8th on Netflix’s global chart for 2022.

2. Extraordinary Attorney Woo

This legal K-drama follows Korea’s first Autistic attorney, Woo Young-Woo as she tackles her way through the legal field. It highlights her everyday struggles with love and prejudices. The drama released in August 2022 stars Park Eun-Bin and Kang Tae-Ho. It achieved the 10th spot on Netflix’s global chart.

3. Business Proposal

This romantic comedy K-drama follows Ha-Ri as she accidentally meets her CEO on a blind date and he makes her a proposal. The drama stars Ahn Hyo-Seop and Kim Se-Jeong in lead roles and ranked 14th on Netflix’s global chart.

4. Alchemy of Souls

This fantasy-romance K-drama starts when a man of a prestigious family in fictionalized Joseon encounters a powerful sorceress and asks for her help. The drama is slated to release its second season in 2023 starring the same cast of Jung So-Min and Lee Jae-Wook. The first season ranked 28th on Netflix’s global charts.

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5. Young Lady and Gentleman

This romance K-drama started in September 2021 and ended in March 2022 with 52 episodes. The story follows Lee Yong-Gook as he struggles to raise his kids after his wife’s demise. This drama starring Lee Se-Hee and Ji Hyun-Woo ranked 30th on Netflix’s global charts.

6. Twenty-Five Twenty-One

This romance K-drama broke many hearts while following the relationship between an ambitious aspiring fencer and a hardworking young man. The drama stars Kim Tae-Ri and Nam Joo-Hyuk as the lead characters. It ranked 43rd on Netflix’s global charts.

7. Little Women

This mystery K-drama was one of the most awaited and appreciated of all the dramas in 2022. Unfortunately, it only reached 48th rank on Netflix’s global chart. The series follows three sisters with distinct personalities facing off against the wealthiest family in Korea and starred Kim Go-Eun, Nam Ji-Hyun, and Park Ji-Hoo as leads.

8. Thirty-Nine

This slice-of-life K-drama follows three best friends dealing with life and exploring love and loss as they approach their 40s. The drama stars Jeon Mi-Do, Son Ye-Jin, and Kim Ji-Hyun in lead roles. This series slightly missed being in the Top 100 by ranking 103 on Netflix’s global chart.

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9. Juvenile Justice

This legal K-drama follows a tough judge with a serious dislike of minor offenders dealing with sensitive cases in juvenile court. The drama stars Kim Hye-Soo and Kim Mu-Yeol in pivotal roles and ranked 106th on Netflix’s global chart.

10. My Liberation Notes

This slice-of-life K-drama follows the routine and philosophies of three siblings exhausted by the monotonous routine of adulthood and a mysterious man (Son Seok-Gu). Although it reached the top-most position in many viewers lists, My Liberation Notes only nabbed the 110th place on Netflix’s global chart.

  • Along with these the Fantasy K-drama The Sound of Magic starring Ji Chang-Wook reached 122nd place and the K-dating show Singel’s Inferno reached 119th place on Netflix’s global chart.

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