Best Oculus Quest 2 Games (May 2022)

In this article, we will tackle our Top 10 Best Oculus Quest 2 Games as of May 2022. Feel free to add your favorite game by commenting your own list in the comments section down below. Enjoy!

Best Oculus Quest 2 Games (May 2022)

This headset’s name has been altered to the Meta Quest 2 but nothing else has changed.  You can still consider playing the Quest’s massive game collection. However, not all games are created as awesome as the other ones, so we’ve compiled a list of our picks.

This allows users to play exclusive games for the Quest 2’s shop, as well as several PC games which demonstrates that connected VR still has plenty to offer. 

Oculus Quest 2 Games



  • Moss has been a huge smash on both PSVR and Oculus Quest, to the point where a followup, Moss: Book 2, has indeed been unveiled for Oculus Quest 2.
  • This adorable 3rd-person experience, designed by former Bungie developers, is not to be overlooked.
  • Moss makes wonderful use of virtual reality to help you alter the surroundings and steer Quill through stages, conquering challenges and partaking in battle with opponents.
Screengrab Courtesy of 2 old 4 gaming via YouTube

SuperHot VR

  • Superhot VR is a fun and hard combat game that uses time and fluid motions to destroy opponents. It’s one of several videogames on the Quest 2 that supports 120 frames per second, ensuring a smooth gaming performance.
  • It’s also one of the greatest independent VR games released.
Screengrab Courtesy of Trend Max via YouTube

Beat Saber

  • You must match up your saber to slice color-coordinated blocks at the correct angle in this game. You must actively avoid obstacles such as explosives and barriers in relation to the increasing pace.
  • A lengthy single-player career option will keep you busy for hours, with more detailed criteria to complete the game. With free play, you can listen to any music you choose.
  • Beat Saber has received a multiplayer patch, allowing you to battle against your buddies.
Screengrab Courtesy of Trend Max via YouTube

Resident Evil 4 VR

  • Resident Evil 4, is perhaps the strongest reason to acquire an Oculus Quest 2.
  • While the graphics are not that impressive, simply playing the game in virtual reality provides a level of engagement that’s impossible to match.
  • Resident Evil 4 VR presents a new approach to playing the game with gesture controls and tracking, and it works remarkably well for a title that was converted to fit VR.
Screengrab Courtesy of Trend Max via YouTube

Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge

  • Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge is an action-adventure game in which you play as a robot maintenance worker on the Outer Rim.
  • You’ll realize that anyone in the galaxy can become a hero when a group of pirates attacks you on Batuu.
  • Take on surprising partnerships and dangerous opponents with classic characters like R2-D2 and C-3PO.
Screengrab Courtesy of Trend Max via YouTube

The Room VR: Dark Matter

  • Room VR: A Dark Matter, by Fireproof Games, will be available for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets in early 2020.
  • It’s simple to see why Room is one of the coolest Oculus Quest 2 games. Escape rooms are entertaining to explore in the first person.
  • With various hints, practically anyone may enjoy this game. This game’s graphics and aesthetics are simply breathtaking.
  • You can also pick between sitting and standing positions, which you can alter each time you play.
Screengrab Courtesy of Trend Max via YouTube

Real VR Fishing

  • Because of the beautiful landscapes and fish models, this easy fishing game is one of the best-looking Quest games.  It’s even better if you invite friends to come along and fish with you.
  • Anglers and non-anglers alike will enjoy the experience because they may customize their avatar, equipment, and challenge level. Weather and events keep you immersed from tropical shores to metropolitan harbors.
  • Each species you catch will go into your tank, which you can customize. This collection of accomplishments provides a pleasant sense of progression in this game.
Screengrab Courtesy of Trend Max via YouTube

The Climb

  • Far Cry and Crysis creators have produced a fantastic free-climbing simulator. All of the game’s courses are difficult and require precise gripping techniques to complete.
  • There are several trails to explore around each rise, each with a different perspective of panoramas and valleys as a reward.
  • You can level up and buy new gear after finishing a climb successfully. Failed runs are punished by terrifying falls. The Climb is an awesome activity, especially during this pandemic.
Image Courtesy of Tuma Time via YouTube

Walkabout Mini Golf

  • Walkabout Mini Golf is an absolutely fantastic golf simulator. With 8 award-winning design courses and lifelike dynamics, you’ll be captivated for extended periods of time.
  • This virtual reality game is certain to be a blast.
Screengrab Courtesy of ThisKory via YouTube

I Expect You To Die 2

  • I Expect You To Die 2 puts you in the shoes of a superspy on a quest to bring down a criminal organization, no matter how complicated the obstacles.
  • You’ll have to outwit enemies while dodging concealed beams planted in a private jet, and repairing an elevator so you can approach the criminal mastermind before their plan comes together during this escape room experience.
  • I Expect You To Die 2 is a fantastic blend of big adventure, comedy, and riddles that will make you feel like a cool spy.
Screengrab Courtesy of Trend Max via YouTube


Oculus Quest 2 Games


Population: One

  • Population: One is somewhat considered a clone of Fortnite. To be the last squad surviving, you and two friends will be placed into a combat zone to loot for weapons and supplies. There is numerous weaponry to choose from, as well as buildings to construct.
  • The game’s unique fighting system, on the other hand, is the genuine main attraction. The entire mechanism is a one-of-a-kind feature that gives the battle royale type a fresh identity.
  • To keep the game new, the developer is regularly pushing out live events on top of precise controls, realistic settings, and entertaining gameplay.
Screengrab Courtesy of Trend Max via YouTube

Pistol Whip

  • If you want to get a little more sporty, Pistol Whip is perfect. Free campaign upgrades include added stories and stages set in a futuristic era, as well as the Wild West.
  • You’ll have more than enough to do with the fresh stuff, which includes task mods to test out.
Screengrab Courtesy of Trend Max via YouTube


  • For efficient execution, Onward’s 5v5 competitive gaming necessitates strategic preparation and considerable team communication. Cutting the cord gives the option to dive into cover and crouch on Onward’s dozen official maps without fear.
  • Each of Onward’s 30+ guns needs to have its magazines prepped for reloading.
  • This means that loading and chambering sidearm magazines or each individual bullet in weapons like shotguns and revolvers will take some time.
Screengrab Courtesy of Trend Max via YouTube

Topgolf with Pro Putt

  • Topgolf began as Pro Putt, a virtual reality mini golf game. This was second only to genuine putting greens in terms of variety of courses, properly weighted clubs, and realistic ball trajectory.
  • A Topgolf driving bay venue with numerous clubs ranging from irons to drivers and multiplayer functionality for up to 7 buddies were all introduced in the latest patch.
  • Multiplayer features like Cornhole and Pitch Pong relate back to the retro games.
Screengrab Courtesy of Trend Max via YouTube

Until You Fall

  • Until You Fall is a game where you use dual-wielding weapons to strike, dodge, and counter foes in order to defeat them in combat.
  • Unfortunately, you will spend the majority of your time dying. Every time you die, you gain new knowledge and abilities. These enhancements, which range from health to damage bonuses, can help you win battles.
  • Each good campaign makes it impossible to stop playing this game. Difficult boss battles will inevitably drive you insane. Coming to a battle better equipped with better gear and winning is sheer bliss.
Screengrab Courtesy of Trend Max via YouTube

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

  • The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is the first AAA single-player game in the Quest series. For an immersive horror experience, this herculean effort combines a lengthy campaign, satisfying physics, and realistic surroundings.
  • You’ll have to infiltrate, assault, and scavenge your way through a zombie-infested New Orleans. You may build plausible homemade gear using a sophisticated crafting system.
  • Stealthy methods, much as in real life, can make things more difficult as a mission progresses. The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners achieve a level of immersion and fun that is currently lacking in the Quest store.
Screengrab Courtesy of Trend Max via YouTube
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