Best Quotes from Rings of Power
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When The Lord of The Rings: Rings of Power began streaming on Amazon Prime, we surely expected a compelling storyline and visual effects. The story is written by an acclaimed author, J.R.R. Tolkien, we would very much witness that the delivery of the lines thrown by the characters would be undeniably meaningful. Here are some notable and best quotes from Rings of Power.

Ships and Stones

Best Quotes from Rings of Power
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This is by far, one of the best quotes from Rings of Power thus, getting the first spot.

“Do you know why a ship floats and a stone cannot? Because the stone sees only downwards. The darkness of the waters is vast and irresistible. The ship feels the darkness as well, striving moment by moment to master her and pull her under. But the ship has a secret. For, unlike the stone, her gaze is not downward but up. Fixed upon the light that guides her whispering of grander things than darkness ever knew.” 

-Finrod to young Galadriel, Episode 1, A Shadow of the Past


Young Galadriel: “But sometimes, the lights shine just as brightly reflected in the water as they do in the sky. How am I to know which lights to follow?”

Finrod: “Sometimes we cannot know until we have touched the darkness.”

– Episode 1, A Shadow of the Past

A life missed

Best Quotes from Rings of Power
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“You cannot barge into my mountain and demand I welcome you with open arms. You cannot claim that which you discarded. Twenty years might be a blink of an eye to an Elf. But I’ve lived an entire life in that time. A life you missed.” Prince Durin IV to Elrond,

Episode 2, Adrift

Love is There

“Where there is love, there is never truly dark.” Elrond to Disa when they talked about the tree that Prince Durin raised as if it were his third child. People thought the tree cannot grow in darkness but it grew because their home is full of love. -Episode 2, Adrift


Best Quotes from Rings of Power
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“Choose not the path of fear but that of faith.” – Galadriel to Queen Regent of Númenor/ Miriel, Episode 4: Udûn

Do not waste

“My father single-handedly sailed to Valinor and convinced the Valar to join the war and vanquish Morgoth. So great were his deeds that the Valar lifted him beyond the bounds of this world…To forever carry the evening star across the sky. For many years, at day’s end, I would look up at it… wondering what might he think if he were watching me. Would he be proud of what I’ve accomplished with his legacy? Or disappointed by the countless ways I’d failed to live up to it? But one night struck me that I would be only too happy to hear any judgment, so long as it granted me the opportunity to have but one more conversation with my father. Do not waste what time you have left with yours.” Elrond to Prince Durin IV, Episode 4: Udûn


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Prince Durin IV: “So this is goodbye then.”

Elrond: “We do not say goodbye. We say…

Prince Durin IV: “Namarie”  

Elrond: “It means more than simply farewell. It means, “Go towards goodness.” 

-Episode 7, The Eye.

Dark deeds, dark heart

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“It darkens the heart, to call dark deeds ‘good.’ It gives a place for evil to thrive inside us. Every war is fought both without and within. Of that, every soldier must be mindful. Even I, even you.” – Galadriel to Theo, Episode 7, The Eye.

Burden down

I am rephrasing another best quote from Rings of Power. Pick up the best parts of life, it is quite hard to leave them but it is best remembered.

Galadriel: “But I believe that the wise also look upon what is in our hearts. Do not take the burden of this day upon your shoulders, Theo. You may find it difficult to put it down again.”

Theo: “But how am I to let it go?”

Galadriel: “There are powers beyond darkness at work in this world. Perhaps on days such as this, we’ve little choice but to trust in their designs. And surrender our own.” 

-Episode 7, The Eye.

Stay true

This is also one of the best quotes from Rings of Power. This hits home. Makes you realize the journey ahead of your life yet remember who you are.

“Look, we don’t slay dragons. Not much for diggin’ jewels. But there’s one thing we can do, I warrant, better than any creature in all Middle Earth. We stay true to each other. No matter how the path winds, or how steep it gets, we face it with our hearts bigger than oru feet. And we just keep walkin’. 

-Largo Brandyfoot, Episode 7, The Eye.

“True creation requires sacrifice.” – Celebrimbor

Best Quotes from Rings of Power
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What more is there to say?

Adventure, together

Best Quotes from Rings of Power
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My third personal… one of the best quotes from Rings of Power. This might make you realize that adventures are best shared even if the journey is alone.

“Betimes, our paths are laid before us by powers greater than our own. In those moments, it’s our sake to make our feet go where our hearts wish not to tread. No matter the perils awaiting us on the way. Alone is just a journey. Now, adventures; they must be shared.” -The Stranger/Istar to Nori, Episode 8: Alloyed

Faith is worth it

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“My father once told me that the way of The Faithful is committing to pay the price even if the cost cannot be known. And trusting that, in the end, it will be worth it.

Elendil: “Sometimes, ther cost is dear. 

Miriel: “It is.”

Elendil: “We have little choice then but to keep serving. And I for one will see to it that we make the end worth the price.

-Episode 8: Alloyed

What quotes did you pick up from this fantastic series? Comment them below. Catch The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power is now streaming at Prime Video.

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