Bethesda’s Starfield: How to get game for Cheaper Price

Bethesda's Starfield: How to Get Game for Cheaper Price

With Bethesda’s highly anticipated space RPG Starfield launching soon, many fans are looking for ways to get the game at a discounted price. Luckily, there are some great deals available for PC players who want to explore the stars while saving some money. So without any further due let us take a look at how to get Bethesda’s Starfield for a cheaper price alongside the discount code.

Bethesda’s Starfield: How to Get Game for Cheaper Price

Fanatical Discount for 17% Off

Fanatical 17% Discount on Starfield
Fanatical 17% Discount on Starfield (Image via Fanatical e-store)

One of the best Starfield deals comes from Fanatical, a digital game key retailer. They offer 17% off all full-priced games with the promo code FANATICAL17 until September 30.

This code can be applied to both the Standard and Premium digital editions of Starfield. The Standard Edition is discounted from $70 to $58, saving you $12. Meanwhile, the Premium Edition is marked down from $100 to $83, saving $17.

Ordering from Fanatical provides instant savings off Starfield’s normal pricing. On top of the discount, preordering also nets you the Laser Cutter and special cosmetics.

Note: Here is a direct link to the Fanatical e-store.

Premium Edition Perks for Early Access

Opting for the Premium Edition on Fanatical gains you bonuses, including:

  • Early access to the game on August 31
  • Constellation Skin Pack
  • Digital art book and soundtrack

Paying a bit more upfront guarantees you can start exploring the stars 5 days early. The art book and soundtrack are also nice bonuses for fans.

Use Discount to Buy Instead of Renting on Game Pass

This Fanatical deal makes purchasing Starfield more tempting than subscribing to Xbox Game Pass. The $1 for 3 months Game Pass trial is reportedly no longer available.

So buying Starfield outright with Fanatical’s discount may be cheaper long-term than paying for Game Pass monthly to rent it. The discount gets you permanent access to the full game.

However, Game Pass does let you play the base version and upgrade later if you desire. So, weigh buying versus renting carefully based on your gameplay plans.

Take Advantage Before the Discount Expires

If you want to experience Bethesda’s galactic adventure while saving some credits, be sure to use Fanatical’s 17% off code before it expires on September 30.

The Starfield Standard Edition for $58 or Premium Edition for $83 are excellent values when using the FANATICAL17 promo code at checkout.

And there you have it – some stellar savings to help you blast off into Bethesda’s galactic frontier for less. Be sure to jump on these cosmic Starfield deals before they rocket out of orbit! Taking advantage of discounts like Fanatical’s can make the difference between a Nova mission and a Black Hole for your wallet. With launch approaching faster than a comet, now is the time to lock in out-of-this-world bargains for your voyage into the Starfield.

Are you excited about this deal? If you have any further questions about how to get Bethesda’s Starfield with a discount code at a cheaper price, comment below. We would love to hear from you and help you.

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