Beyond Blue Is A Mesmerising Oceanic Experience From The Creators Of BAFTA-Winning Never Alone

From the studio behind the critically acclaimed atmospheric platformer, Never Alone, comes Beyond Blue. E-Line Media showed off Beyond Blue at E3 this year with many falling in love with this beautiful piece of art.

It is a game that takes you far below the surface of a vast and largely uncharted ocean to sense the soul of magnificent and intelligent creatures, and a beautifully atmospheric experience.

Beyond Blue is set in the near future, where you play as Mirai, the lead on a newly formed research team. E-Line confirms that the game has a rich story with proper resource management, challenges, high-stakes decision making and prioritised objectives.

Beyond Blue
“Bait Ball”

If you’ve played Never Alone, you would realise Beyond Blue resembles it in many ways. From the visuals to the atmospheric designs, the game feels not only like a spiritual successor to Never Alone, but a mesmerising experience in itself.

E-Line brought together world-class gamer makers and leading ocean experts to craft a memorable experience for the players. E-Line CEO, Michael Angst said, “During our early conversations with these scientists we were moved by the passionate and almost spiritual way in which they talked about the world they had experienced on dives, or in submersibles, and the giddiness with which they spoke about the next generation of enabling technology that promises to greatly accelerate the pace of discovery.”

Beyond Blue

“We started asking each scientist how they would use their time below if they could jump forward ten or fifteen years and lead a small team powered with a full fleet of advanced technology.  We found their answers fascinating and the game has emerged as a way to channel these visions into what we hope will be an atmospheric and moving experience”, he added.

The game is a partnership between E-Line Media and BBC Studios, a part of the BBC Group.

E-Line explains how the concept for Beyond Blue grew. Both the studios started discussing the game during BBC’s making of Blue Planet II.

Beyond Blue
“Mapping Drones”

BBC Studios Head of Digital Entertainment & Games, Bradley Crooks said, “Inspired by the way the Cultural Insight videos inside Never Alone brought resonance and context to a game infused with Alaska Native culture, we reached out to E-Line to explore the potential for a creative collaboration on Blue Planet II.”

He further added, “We think there’s great synergy in the way E-Line make their games and our own approach to programme making where we care passionately about the subject matter and want to help people better understand the world in which they live.”

Beyond Blue

As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock Ocean Insight videos, or underwater footage from the Blue Planet II production, including exclusive footage, never seen before.

Beyond Blue will arrive early 2019 for PC and consoles.

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Beyond Blue
“Twilight Diving”
Beyond Blue
“Humpback in Moonlight”
Beyond Blue
“Midnight Angler”