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Ubisoft’s Beyond Good and Evil 2 is safe from the latest cuts, and the prequel of the cult classic Beyond Good and Evil will continue its development.

Ubisoft updates about the development of new games

The prequel to Beyond Good And Evil saves itself from the scissors of Ubisoft. The game is still slated to release although it is turning into one of the longest-developing games.

  • The fans of the cult classic Beyond Good and Evil have been waiting for its prequel since its initial announcement. However, Ubisoft’s recent issues have pushed its release further. This isn’t a piece of bad news because Ubisoft is canceling three unannounced games and delaying the release of Skull & Bones.
  • This doesn’t come as new for the game’s fans as it is the sixth time that the pirate game was held back. However, according to PCGamesN, fans awaiting Beyond Good And Evil 2 don’t need to worry. The new cancellations will not affect the game’s development and schedule.

Past updates about the game

Previously in November 2022, reports from Ubisoft confirm playtesting of Beyond Good and Evil 2. That was the last update about the prequel since its initial announcement and it came as unsatisfactory for the awaiting fans. Although the game is still in the early stage of development, it was a relief to hear that the title was being externally and internally playtested over last summer.

  • According to the observations of Insider Gaming, the game seems to have rebooted since the pre-alpha demo walkthrough of 2018. The publication estimates approximately 2 more years before the release on basis of the quality shown in the footage. These comments of reboot match earlier reports indicating Ubisoft was taking a different approach to the game since it was shown at E3 2018.
  • With that being said, even though the French game company canceled the release of 3 unannounced games, it’s still developing other titles. These include the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Mirage and a remake of the original Splinter Cell. It also includes Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, a video game based on the world of James Cameron‘s blockbuster movies. Additionally, fans can now be rest assured as Beyond Good and Evil 2 remains in development.
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Everything we know about Beyond Good and Evil 2

UbiBlog from 2018 provides most of the information regarding The Beyond Good and Evil 2. The showcase projected some glimpses of the space exploration mechanic. It will allow players to maneuver their ships. The blog also reveals snippets of combat gameplay.

  • However, it’s important to note that the game allegedly went through rebooting. Therefore, the 2018 reveal based on the alpha-build of the title can not provide a complete picture of the game’s latest version. Fans are hoping that the developers will share timely insights about the development in the future.
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  • Regarding the story, there really isn’t much to note since neither the E3 cinematic nor the UbiBlog provides much information. Therefore, the narrative of the game remains a mystery for the awaiting players. The community knows that the game is a space-based adventure, however, there is no link for story elements.
  • Jade, the protagonist in the original game, will feature as the antagonist in the prequel this time around. Hence, many are anticipating the new narrative since the events of the first game, and how Jade ends up in the company of Pey’j as an investigative journalist.
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The bittersweet updates from Ubisoft about the game are receiving mixed opinions from the fans. Some are still excited while most have doubts about it ever releasing. However, only Ubisoft knows the details of the game’s development.

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