BGMI & Garena Free Fire: How Free-to-Play Games Dominate the Global Market

In today’s technological age, mobile gaming has assumed a crucial role in the global society. What started with a limited audience, the realm of gaming has now expanded into a substantial worldwide market. The impact is so significant that games like BGMI and Garena Free Fire, which are free to play, can dominate the international market. The question arises: How did they manage to attain such remarkable success? This article aims to thoroughly explore this matter.

BGMI and Free Fire surpass OTT revenues

A report has surfaced by Remeo Misao, Director at GosuGamers India, regarding the whopping success of Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) and Garena Free Fire. Believe it or not, Indian gamers are driving an astonishing $250 million in annual in-app purchase revenue, even outpacing revenues generated by Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms.

  • When it comes to this impressive feat, two mobile game giants take the spotlight: Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) and Free Fire.
  • It’s not surprising that these two titles have become household names. They’ve not only shattered user records but also pulled in massive viewership numbers – a jaw-dropping 1.9 million Hindi-speaking viewers for Free Fire World Series 2021 alone.
  • These games were able to cater to younger audiences, finding ways to keep them hooked and tuned in.

Returning to the primary question: How exactly do these free-to-play games manage to dominate the global market? In this section, we’ll consolidate the key factors that Misao highlighted regarding this issue.


BGMI Free Fire dominate market
Screengrab courtesy of TheHectorino via YouTube

The first secret ingredient is localization:

  • Both BGMI and Free Fire have cleverly introduced a variety of themes and characters, including Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Celebrities, and Anime icons
  • This strategy has the ability to breathe life into their virtual realms.
  • These captivating collaborations resonate with players on a personal level, motivating them not just to explore the game more deeply, but also to make financial investments in these unique experiences by purchasing in-game items.
  • While they are not global pioneers, these games connected with local players through themed universes and relatable characters.

The Temptation of Free-to-Play

BGMI Free Fire dominate market
Image courtesy of Free Fire
  • The Free-to-Play model they both use isn’t groundbreaking, but it cleverly encourages players to willingly spend their money.
  • This model hooks players to invest real money in virtual items, enabling them to personalize their avatars, gather sought-after skins, and even attain advantages over their friends in the virtual battleground.
  • The temptation of gaining an advantage over other players in the game is an irresistibly attractive offer.

The Gacha Mechanic

BGMI Free Fire dominate market
Screengrab courtesy of Dyland PROS via YouTube

The “gacha” mechanic loop is a shared feature in both games, tempting players to spend in-game currency for randomized rewards.

  • The thrill of each draw keeps players engaged, driving repeated spending in hopes of getting those rare items.
  • Many humans are vulnerable to gacha, which is essentially a form of ‘gambling’ addiction.
  • The knowledge that they could potentially obtain valuable items by spending a small amount of money, even if it’s not a guaranteed outcome, keeps them engrossed.

Live events

BGMI and Free Fire are masters of collaboration. They’ve forged partnerships with iconic franchises like Dragon Ball Z, Attack On Titan, One Punch Man, and even the prestigious McLaren. 

  • These collaborations come to life through thrilling in-game events that attract players.
  • These events are brief, generating a feeling of urgency and exclusiveness.
  • The limited-time aspect significantly increases the demand of rewards and items tied to these events.
  • This strategy ultimately leads to a notable surge in in-app purchase revenue.

BGMI and Free Fire haven’t just topped the realm of mobile gaming, they’ve given it a revamp. Their journey is made up of shrewd business choices, innovative engagement plans, and a passionate commitment to their player community.

The gaming community watches with excitement as these two giants are proof of the remarkable opportunities in mobile gaming. They serve as proof that virtual journeys can lead to significant achievements in the real world.

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