Bioshock 4: Release Date, What We Know So Far

Bioshock 4 had been in the rumors for quite some time. Who would not want more of the stunning visuals from the retro-futuristic game? Developer and publisher 2K Games had acknowledged a new Bioshock game in late 2019. With no more official information, new information is only in the form of leaks and speculations.


The new Bioshock game’s reveal and release date are unknown as of now. But we do know that the developer, Cloud Chamber, has been working on the game for at least three years. With this information in mind, we can estimate the release to be sometime in 2023.

Speculations set the game’s reveal to be sometime in Q1 of 2022. The Nvidia GeForce Now leaks from this year also included the name “Bioshock 2022” which supports this claim.


The platforms on which the new game would be available are also unknown. But it can be safely said that the game would be available for next-gen consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S and the PC platform. However, the new game might be a PS5 exclusive.

The new game might be open-world and will be featuring Unreal Engine 5 in production, this is according to job listings from Cloud Chamber. The listing states that recruited people will “work within Unreal Engine 5 adapting existing systems and building new technology in order to fulfill the project’s technical needs and creative goals.”

Twitter user Oopsleaks has provided significant details on the upcoming title. According to the leak, “Bioshock Isolation” is the proposed name for the new game. The game is supposedly set in a city where the poor citizens are excluded and are at war with the wealthy society.

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