Bjornsson Beats Hall in the Heaviest Boxing Match in History

Two of the strongest men in the world squared off in Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Stadium in the United Arab Emirates.

The two former Strongman champions, Hafthor “The Mountain” Bjornsson and Eddie “The Beast” Hall are set to fight in what seems to be THE HEAVIEST BOXING MATCH IN HISTORY.

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They aren’t even classified as HEAVYWEIGHTS, they’re already in the TITAN WEIGHTS!

Bjornsson and Hall had a previous beef due to them being rivals in the Strongman competitions. Thus, this boxing match will settle who is actually better.

The two behemoths battled it out in a 6-round boxing match just a few hours ago. Eddie Hall started strong, throwing out huge punches and eventually knocking down Bjornsson in the second round. He’s got a peculiar stance, but his punches surely are strong enough to take down the 320-pound monster.

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Bjornsson, on the other hand, was pretty impressive. He has improved as a boxer and is showing great skill. The Mountain has been consistent throughout the match, throwing nice combinations and also knocking Hall down in the 3rd round with a left hook. He knocked Eddie down again on the final round, with a similar attack – a jab and hook combination.

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The two colossal fighters really exceeded expectations. People expected a fight between two guys hugging each other until the bout ended, but that was not the case.

They trained very well and entertained the fans. Hall wanted to knock Bjornsson as early as possible, but Thor was able to hold his own. Both of them fought well, but The Mountain was able to take the win against The Beast via unanimous decision. The “Game of Thrones” star (Thor Bjornsson) looks like an experienced boxer while Eddie is just throwing wild full-powered hooks instead of using accuracy.

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