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The BJ’s Wholesale Club drop for PS5 units is supposed to happen at midnight, 11/20. Although they haven’t mentioned what timezone, we believe it should be 12 AM Eastern. According to new information from an insider, you shouldn’t get your hopes too high for the midnight drop.

The source reached out to me with the following information. I was able to verify their connection with BJ’s and most of the information jotted down below seems trustable.

The source started by saying, “I want people to check the site, but I know from dealing with it every day that their site is unreliable.

Talking about in-store stock, they mentioned that two stores should have the PS5 units in-store by Black Friday. Most units, however, would be up for sale online-only. Another store in Pennsylvania won’t have them in-store till, at least, next year.

Just today, BJ’s also tweeted how they can’t confirm pickup at all BJ’s locations “due to the high demand of the PS5.”

“If it drops tonight, it will be online-only as I’m sure we all know, and delivery, when you buy from them, is usually 3-5 business days to your house.

“I just use the site, and app, every day and it is laggy and slow,” the source mentioned about the technical issues. “Unless they’ve upgraded within the past 24 hours, I PERSONALLY don’t think BJ’s will have the stock online that people are expecting.

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The main issue with BJ’s right now is that most store managers are clueless about the stocks. “None of them have inventory proofs of [the] PS5 coming in, and if it’s online, they have no idea,” the source said. “I’ve gone to a store where the app says they have 5 in stock of a product just for them to say, ‘the app and website don’t know what they’re talking about’.”

They’ve emphasized the fact that we shouldn’t keep our hopes high for the BJ’s drop. It’d be hit-or-miss, but what isn’t. At this point, everything’s pure chaos, and you can secure a PS5 only if you’re fast enough and fortunate.

BJ’s requires membership to buy products. You can get the 1-Day online pass for $10, but it’d be a gamble. So, it’s all up to you.

If you want to secure a PS5 without having to spend $10, you can wait for the Walmart drop at 3 PM ET, or stick around till, at least, 7 PM ET for the PlayStation Direct Store queue. The former one’s confirmed, the latter happens randomly.

According to the source, BJ’s had the Xbox Series X up on their app, but stocks of it were nowhere to be seen in stores. It could be speculated that they put it up only to get memberships.

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Until next time, Stay Safe, Respect All Lives, and Happy Gaming!