Unexpected sales always arrive during Black Fridays, and one MMORPG holding a major one is Guild Wars 2. Most players know that you can access the game for free until level 80, but there are expansions you can buy for the complete experience. Now the game offers 20-50% off on all of them. Those who land these sales get loads of new content to explore. Veterans and newcomers looking for one of the better MMORPGs developed may want to explore this further.

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As a part of each expansion, you’ll get new explorable zones and quests. There will also be new masteries, mounts, and more! Here are the details of each bundle:

The Complete Collection

The Complete Collection is best for those new to the game. They’re also for players who haven’t purchased any expansions yet. Aside from all the content included in the game, it also comes with exclusive Living World Episodes. The Complete Collection is a must for any player who wants to experience all Guild Wars 2 offers.

Expansion 1 and 2: Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire

The significant additions from the first two expansions of Guild Wars 2 are elite specializations. These are 18 new options that can change the play style of the numerous professions in the game. It also introduces the Revenant, available through these expansions.

Since the game will expand Tyria into more landscapes to explore, you’ll gain access to several new travel options. Among these are glides and mounts to help you traverse the land better. At a discounted price, you can get both expansions for $14.99

Expansion 3: End of Dragons

The End of Dragons expansion has a 20% discount, lowering its price to $23.99. It unlocks fishing content, allowing you to collect over 200 unique species in the game. It’s something to consider if you love roleplaying or colllections in your MMORPGs.

End of Dragons will also have new explorable content and quests. A multiplayer mount called the Siege Turtle is also be available. The turtle can carry two riders, the second operating cannons mounted on its shell. It’s a great way to battle with a friend, unlocking new fun strategies to consider.

Black Friday Events

As a part of the Black Friday celebration, players who play during the week will experience numerous bonuses. Experience and reward gains get boosts for the week. There will also be a bonus 30% magic find, perfect for those still looking for their hard-to-find gear.

The bonuses are available to all game modes and can be a way to fast-track your progress through the game. Even PvP and World vs. World rewards will have a 30% bonus during the event. The Guild Wars 2 Black Friday discounts will be available until November 29, 2022. You can purchase them through the official website.

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