The Black Ops series is indeed one of the most loved in the Call of Duty franchise. Eurogamer in February reported that a new Black Ops game was in development at Treyarch’s studio.

There have been times when the game came under bitter criticism for shifting sets into a more sci-fi scenario. In a situation like this, going off the ‘boots on the ground’ is a very risky decision.

Treyarch had earlier confirmed that their newest Black Ops is going to be exclusively available to enjoy online. Multiplayer is its core focus, with the exclusion of the traditional campaign that Call of Duty is famous for.

In a more recent revelation, Treyarch has teased that Black Ops 4 will see the revival of the Pick 10 Multiplayer system, wherein players shall have 10 points to pick their loadout.

This occurred when the studio was directly replying to another tweet on the popular social media platform.

The same team that developed the game years ago, has developed this mode. However, Treyarch has not yet extended an official statement regarding the same.

So, it is hard to say whether this was just a sarcastic way of saying that they approve of the tweet they were replying to or if they were hinting the return of the Pick 10 Multiplayer system.

In any case, let us not stride too deep into the issue, for when Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 releases on October 12th for the Xbox One, PS4 and the PC, we will surely find out.

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