Three Colorado Springs Police officers are now filed in a lawsuit for having used excessive force during an attempted arrest of a Black Army veteran Dalvin Gadson. The latter has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the three police officers over the police violence incident that happened in October.

Who are the three alleged police officers?

  • The lawsuit involves officers Colby Hickman, Christopher Hummel, and Matthew Anderson of the Colorado Springs Police Department.

The lawsuit claims that the three knowingly and violently used physical force on the 29-year-old Dalvin Gadson. The case is that of the three officers violating Gadson’s fourth amendment rights.

Black Army Veteran Dalvin Gadson beaten by CSPD – What happened?

Black Army Veteran Dalvin Gadson beaten in a police violence case
Dalvin Gadson represented by his lawyer in the civil suit press conference, image courtesy of ABC news
  1. On October 9th, the CSPD officers pulled Dalvin over. The body camera footage from the CSPD shows that the latter had a missing license plate. After enquiring about the plate, the officers allege to have smelled marijuana out of his car. They also saw a knife in Gadson’s cupholder.

How the physical altercation ensued

What happened immediately afterward was the three officers asking Gadson to come out of his car. They said that he is under arrest for DUI. Gadson immediately objected to it. A physical altercation ensued when the Police Officers tried to pull Gadson out of his car.

  • Reportedly, Gadson shifted between being out of his car after being pulled by the officers and then immediately rushing back inside. The officers in their defense claim that he was repeatedly reaching for the cupholder that contained the knife.
  • In what ensued, the police officer had to drew down on him. Meaning they had to pull their gun out. And they also punched him during the entire process.

What the Colorado Springs Police Department had to say about Dalvin Gadson being beaten

Colorado Spring Police Department body camera footage
Dalvin Gadson as seen in the CSPD body camera footage, image courtesy of KDVR

A report from a CSPD administrative department’s internal investigation however said the following –

“Mr. Gadson refused to exit the vehicle, When officers attempted to pull Mr. Gadson from the vehicle he physically fought with officers and on more than one instance re-entered the vehicle in the area of the knife.”

Who is defending Dalvin Gadson’s civil rights?

  1. Currently, Dalvin Gadson is being represented by national civil rights attorneys Harry Daniels, and Bakari Sellers along with Kevin Mehr and Latrice Latin.
  2. In response to this statement, the attorneys said the following in a press conference that announced the lawsuit –

“They didn’t say a damn thing before they decided to beat Mr. Gadson,” 

Gadson’s lawyers claim that he had concurred brain injury and also a blue eye during the entire altercation of police force. The cases of police violence and use of brute force on the population may be a concerning topic.


But with how the two sides claim different interpretations of what is the right amount of excessive force under what amount of resistance shown, it is to be noted that matters like these are not straightforward. Police Violence cases are ultimately better judged in a court, although it does not deprive the public of holding opinions.

As such it is difficult to certainly pull out which side is the right one. This is until of course proper investigation is conducted and can account for such a right and wrong’s credibility.


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