BLACKPINK Members Dating History: From Rumors and Exes to Present

BLACKPINK Members Dating History: From Rumors and Exes to Present

With all the breakups, dating rumors, and wedding news around, it’s intriguing to look back at the BLACKPINK members dating history. If you’ve been here to the fandom for a long time, you may be familiar with all the news years ago about the members dating life, so let’s do a quick run-through on Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa’s dating lives in their whole seven years as K-pop idols.

A Surprising List Of Names With History

From boy group members to actors, and business people, the BLACKPINK members may have been tied with a few names in the different fields. Some lasted quite a while, others remained a deflated rumor, but still worth noting here. So, shall we begin the BLACKPINK members dating history, from the unnie down to the maknae? Let’s go!

Jisoo’s Dating Life

Since their debut in 2016, Jisoo has been focused on her idol career and MC-ing way back. BLACKPINK’s eldest, Kim Jisoo, had a quiet love life before her first lead role in Snowdrop.

  • Jung Hae In

No, they weren’t together, but almost everyone hoped they were. The two showed so much chemistry with their 2021 K-drama, Snowdrop, that it led to multiple shippers and hopefuls that the two would date after the show. There were heart-fluttering behind-the-scenes clips, but nothing more.

The two were also Instagram buddies, posting pictures of one another on their accounts, which fed the fans more to this dating rumor. Sad to say for fans, the rumor remained a rumor even after Snowdrop ended. But we hope to see them together in another acting project (make it a rom-com, please!)

  • Ahn Bo Hyun

To add to the BLACKPINK members dating history of Jisoo, just this year, everyone was shocked by the Dispatch revelation of BLACKPINK Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun dating news. It quickly became the talk of the town as they almost became the couple of the year. Almost, because last October, the agencies of the couple confirmed that Jisoo and Bo Hyun already parted ways, due to their busy schedules. They make a pretty good couple, the visuals and talent overload.

Fans have yet to see the two together, but unfortunately, it briefly concluded after the surprising announcement. Could they be seen together in a project some other time? Well, that’s something we can look forward to if it happens.

  • After Bo Hyun, Jisoo is living a quiet life once again, probably away for a while from the dating world. She’s possibly focused on all the acting offers and projects ahead of her, so let’s see Jisoo on the big and small screens with her upcoming roles! Shall we move on to more of the BLACKPINK members dating history?

Jennie’s List Of Ex-Lovers (And Rumors)

Kim Jennie, South Korea’s it girl, has been in a couple of rumors and relationships throughout her career. She even had a dating “scandal,” in which the BLACKPINK main rapper received threats that urged her agency to take action.

  • EXO Kai

In December 2018, the two became the hottest couple of the year. Months prior their agencies confirmed the two were dating, fans speculated Jennie and Kai were together. Their separate Instagram posts in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris were enough for fans to go wild. But the Dispatch reveal gave the ex-couple all the spotlight during that year.

Unfortunately, BLACKPINK Jennie and EXO Kai confirmed their split a month later, in January 2019. SM Entertainment released a statement saying that the two were no longer together.

  • Harry Styles

An unexpected dating rumor surfaced and it’s with the one and only Harry Styles. We’re pretty sure that not everyone was aware that this circulated way back in 2019. It all started when the former One Direction singer, followed Jennie Kim on Instagram.

This quickly sparked a dating rumor, and to add more fuel to the fire, he also attended one of BLACKPINK’s concerts. This aged quickly though, there were no statements released from any of the parties. Oh well, artists can be fans too, so maybe Styles is just one of the sea of BLINKs.

Early this year, Jennie and Rosé were in attendance during Harry Styles’ Love On Tour in Seoul, South Korea. They’re fans of each other, and that’s a cute and rare interaction!

  • BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

This may be one of the longer dating rumors that Jennie faced during the past years. In 2021, Dispatch revealed that the BIGBANG leader and Kim Jennie had been dating for almost a year at that time. The two were under the agency, YG Entertainment, and have known each other since Jennie’s trainee days and BIGBANG’s active years in the industry.

The two then reportedly broke up in May 2022, and guess how these gossip sites knew? Right, it’s because of Instagram (again). G-Dragon was said to have unfollowed Jennie while keeping the following button for the rest of the BLACKPINK members. Up to date, there was still no confirmation whether the two dated for real or not.

  • BTS V

Ending the BLACKPINK members dating history of Jennie, we have a long list of pretty big names, right? Dating rumors with BTS V could take the first spot as the longest, so far. In 2022, the rumor started when the two were allegedly seen on Jeju Island, South Korea. While fans speculated a brewing romance, YG Entertainment didn’t confirm nor deny it. Instead, they released a statement, “We can not confirm anything about our artists’ personal lives. We ask for your understanding.

The last TaeNnie content that surprised fans was their alleged Paris date. In the video, the two K-pop idols were seen walking on the streets of Paris while holding hands. However, the clip was too far and blurry for everyone to double-check if it was Jennie and Taehyung. If ever this dating rumor is true, we wish for the couple’s happiness always!

Rosé’s Dating Rumor History

Despite the running meme about the Rosé Curse, Chaeyoung may have found herself in a dating rumor a few years back. This also marks her first rumor, and have you ever thought it would be with another K-pop star? BLACKPINK members dating history featuring Rosé’s is up next!

  • Bae Suzy

Surprised? The former miss A member became the first dating rumor of BLACKPINK Rosé. To clear things up, both parties didn’t release any statements, even if the netizens were very much invested in their lovestagram. Yes, the rumor began with a couple of similar uploads on both of the artists’ Instagram accounts, @roses_are_rosie and @skuukzky. NGL, we were swayed, too, with all the ‘evidence’ that everyone seemed to have found. Up until this year, this dating news has been thriving; it would probably get you on the ship, too.

Even those eagle-eyed netizens noticed that their solo songs, I’m in Love with Someone Else and Gone, seemed to have a connection. If this got you hooked, better check out SuzÉ’s threads on X, and videos on TikTok that showcase where this started. Mind you, K-netz started this lovestagram idea!

Lisa’s Recent Lovelife Rumor

To finish this BLACKPINK members dating history, the maknae line has also shared their fair share of dating rumors. But the most recent one, out of all the BLACKPINK members, involved Lisa.

  • Frédéric Arnault

This year, speculations that TAG Heuer CEO Frédéric Arnault and BLACKPINK Lisa had been dating. Arnault had attended BLACKPINK’s concert, and the two are known to be friends. A month ago, in October, news circulated that Lisa had been hanging out publicly with her rumored boyfriend in Paris. Some eyewitnesses were saying that the two left together, with Frédéric escorting Lisa out of the restaurant.

This has been a topic on online forums, whether it’s real or not, as neither of them stated anything about their alleged romance. Most are happy to see the K-pop idol enjoying herself and comfortable dating in public, while others are still in denial about the couple’s romance. By the looks of it, the two seem to have been meeting with good feelings, and maybe we can find an Instagram hard launch soon. We’ll never know!

That’s it for the BLACKPINK members dating history! With the success they have been receiving, it’s almost inevitable to see their names linked to various celebrities and K-pop idols alike. We hope for their happiness and hearts full of love!

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