Bleach Thousand Year Blood War release; Quincy Returns for Blood?

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It is 2012, you are a die-hard Bleach fan who has invested his life into becoming the top Shinigami of the Soul Society. You love Ichigo, because he’s badass, Rukia because she’s a darn good support. You also love Orihime because of her, well, ahem. Well no worries, it’s all fine. Bleach anime is going well, although recently you have been afraid that the anime is catching up too soon to the manga.

You heard rumors that the production cost is taking a lot and the revenue isn’t as expected for the Bleach anime. A few days later Fullbringer arc ends, Episode 366 of Bleach. You watch it as tears roll your eyes, the uncertainty of Bleach ever returning. Fast forward to 2022, Sequel Bleach Thousand Year Blood Wars is here. 

Bleach has been one of those shounen series that really came out very early and is still relevant. (To name others who are seemingly on the same bus would be Hunter x Hunter which is always on hiatus & One Piece which is always going on.) The reason is that the Manga has taken its fair share of time. The Bleach anime was a work by Pierro Studios based on the manga of the same name by Tite Kubo.

When Was The New Anime Project for Bleach’s Sequel Announced?

Bleach Final arc returns
Snapped via the Youtube channel of Aniplex

Weekly Shonen Jump on the ‘the 20th Anniversary of Bleach Presentation’ live stream announced that the Manga’s last story arc “Thousand-Year Blood War” will have its anime adaptation project. By 2021 it was confirmed to be an anime series.

What Did Fans Expect?

Many fans speculated the possibility of a 25 episodes cram, with fast-paced episodes meant to haphazardly cover the Manga storyline. Some predicted that there will be a movie adaptation, possibly two. But upon the news that the final arc will be a full-throttle anime, fans rejoiced with an overwhelming reaction throughout social media.

Announced Key Visual

key visual of bleach sequel
Key visual released in

The new key visual shows the appearance of Emperor Yhwach, the leader of the Wandenreich.

When Does Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Release?

Ichigo Kurosaki
Snapped from

What Can We Confirm?

  • The Second promo video of the anime debuted on Sunday while the staff announced multiple cast members, theme song artists, and also its episode duration.
  • A screening was held for Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War, the latest rendition of the ANIME adaptation of Bleach Manga. The screening screened two episodes of the new anime, although it was never live-streamed. Obviously, you wouldn’t want your first two episodes of the most hyped anime surfing through pirated websites even before you’ve had your fair game at its telecast.

Cast Members

The newly announced cast are the following-

  • Wataru Hatano as Hidetomo Kajōmaru
  • Kenn as Berenice Gabrielli
  • Takahiro Fujiwara as Jerome Guizbatt
  • Wataru Komada as Asguiaro Ebern
  • Daiki Hamano as Luders Friegen

Theme Song

Tatsuya Kitani is singing the opening theme song “Scar”. SennaRin is singing the ending song “Saihate”. Tatsuya formerly sang the theme songs for the ‘Bleach Ex’ exhibition.

Total Duration of Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Run

The anime will be divided into four courses (this means it will run for the entirety of the year, in all of its four seasons) and may consist of overall some 50 episodes.

When Does Bleach Sequel Thousand Year Blood War Release?

Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War releases this fall 2022, on October 10th at 24:00 (October 11 at midnight).

Where Did The Last Bleach Anime End?

Bleach anime
courtesy of Studio Pierrot

The Lost Shinigami Arc (Fullbringer Arc)

  • Bleach’s last Anime adapted The Lost Substitute Shinigami arc of the manga, which is the seventh in Manga but the Sixteenth in the Bleach Anime. The Arc followed Ichigo almost one and a half years after his battle with Aizen.
  • Ichigo, a student of Karakura city discovers the Xcution group. The group consisted of Fullbringers, humans who had special abilities. The arc followed the past of the previous substitute shinigami, the position currently held by Ichigo.
  • The time-skip after Ichigo’s battle with Aizen allowed for some fresh hopes of change, only to be plummeted by the decision of the anime to stop/end.

The arc in Manga ends with chapter 479 “Goodbye to our Xcution!!”. What followed was Chapter 480 named “Final Arc – The Thousand Year Blood War”.

What is Bleach’s Sequel Thousand Year Blood War About?

Thousand Year Blood War Bleach Trailer
Ichigo in Bleach Thousand Year Blood War trailer (via Youtube channel of Aniplex)

The Quincy was introduced as the polar opposites of Shinigamis. They were monks of some sort and were annihilated by the Shinigamis over 200 years ago. Both The Quincy and Shinigamis hunt hollows. Yet the Thousand Year Blood War follows the revival of Quincy with a vendetta. A mysterious cloaked man pulls the Gotei 13 into action, which prepares for an all-out war.


thousand year blood war
meme via Unohana in Instagram

Tite Kubo’s manga ending, like most major manga endings, is not well received. It might be that the ending is truly bad, or what we may be experiencing is a disapproving culture by the fans. For series that have run so well and have engaged the fans in a fictional world for so long, it is my observation that whenever it ends, fans are always disappointed. Game of Thrones, Attack on Titan, and even Bleach.

All of these are revered in their respective communities and yet admonished for the ending. Yet it isn’t as if people know what ending they want, they just want something better. Yet they will fail to tell you what better. Tite Kubo will be joining with Tomohisa Taguchi (known for Akudama Drive) who is the director at Studio Pierrot. The Thousand Year Blood War arc will be the final story of the legendary Bleach and will cover volumes 55-74.

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