Starcraft II

One of the most famous realtime strategy military video games, StarCraft needs no introduction. The sci-fi fiction title has been more than famous over the years since after it was released back in June 2010. The game was a huge success without any doubt and still the number of players in the game is pretty impressive. Holding several tournaments for StarCraft 2, Blizzard is always on the verge of improving the flagship title and making it even more realistic and fault proof physics are a living proof of this statement.

Having a global tournament planned for StarCraft II in November this year, Blizzard claims to be having some “major design changes” in the StarCraft II units and economies. The changes have been implemented in a “design patch” and it is now live on a testing server of the game. Now while is still working on improving the game, you will have a chance to see what blizzard is upto with the design changes as they “address underused units and abilities while also trying to reduce sudden game ending moments.”

First thing to change by the company was the game’s resources, with large nodes going from 1500 to 1800 and Vespene Geysers going from 2000 to 2250.

Every faction in the game will be noticing several alterations made to their units in the game and the Protoss factions specially will be the hit hardest by the company as they said that “removing the Mothership Core and moving its early game defense role to the Nexus itself”. The Zerg’s Lurker and Infestor are being redesigned, while the Terran’s MULE is now more versatile, able to harvest both gas and minerals.

These are some of the major changes being performed by Blizzard to redesign and recreate several entities in the game. However, the changes that were planned by Blizzard are not limited to this and there is a whole list of resources that Blizzard claims to change in StarCraft II and you can check the list here.