Blue Lock Season 2 Confirmed + What is the new Movie about?

Blue Lock Season 2 Release date

Anime fans, hold on to your seats and brace yourselves for some exciting news – Blue Lock Season 2 is confirmed. And that’s not all, a brand new Nagi movie is also in the works. Are you ready to dive back into the world of soccer and witness some thrilling action? Be with us to know more about Blue Lock Season 2 release date and the new Nagi movie.

What happened in the finale of Blue Lock Season 1?

Blue Lock Season 2 Release date
Image Courtesy of Crunchyroll
  • The final episode of Blue Lock marked the end of the second selection, it seems that the true challenge has only just begun.
  • With seven teams now qualified, the training regime has deviated from the norm, taking a new direction altogether. This unpredictability is what makes a sports anime worth a go.

While Igaguri was able to secure a position in the top 35, Kunigami, unfortunately, missed out. However, the future of the Blue Lock program now hangs in the balance. As they have to face a crucial showdown against the National U-20 team. We can say that the second season will be heated up and you will get to watch it soon.

Blue Lock Season 2 Release date

  • After the first season’s finale in Episode 24, 8bit surprised fans with a thrilling announcement. They released a new promo video revealing their decision to greenlit the production of Blue Lock Season 2. And a new movie based on the spinoff series, Episode Nagi.
  • Confirmation of season two is exciting news, but the release date remains uncertain. Our guess is that Blue Lock season two might be released by at least Autumn 2024 (or even earlier).
Blue Lock Season 2 Release date and New Nagi Movie
Image Courtesy of @AnimeTV on Twitter

Fans expected a second season of the series due to its popularity, but the announcement of a movie so early in its run came as a surprise. This is because both the original manga and the Episode Nagi spinoff series have very high sales circulation.

New Blue Lock Movie – EPISODE Nagi

Blue Lock Nagi movie release date
Image Courtesy of EIGHT Bit

The newly announced Blue Lock movie, titled “EPISODE Nagi,” will spotlight the character of Nagi Seishiro and his personal journey within the Blue Lock project. Its release date has not been revealed yet.

  • The spin-off manga shows us the life of Seishiro Nagi prior to his involvement in the Blue Lock project in Japan.
  • Despite leading a relatively lethargic lifestyle as a second-year high school student, this young athlete came to the realization that he possesses considerable talent in football.

Exciting plot of Blue Lock Season 2: Which arc will it animate?

It was enduring the adrenaline-fueled intensity of 24 episodes within the merciless confines of Blue Lock. Isagi and the remaining candidates who made it through to the Third Selection will face the challenge of proving their worth once more.

The Third Selection Arc will be the starting beat of Blue Lock: Season 2. And as mentioned earlier, the primary focus of the plot is the reduction of candidates.

Jinpachi’s goal is to assemble the Blue Lock Eleven, a team of elite players who have honed their skills within the facility to take on Japan’s national under-20 football team.

To initiate the selection process, the remaining 35 players are pitted against each other in intense battles of pride and determination.

How many episodes will be there in the second season?

  • The first season of Blue Lock spanned 25 episodes and covered approximately 90 chapters (11 volumes) of the manga.
  • If Blue Lock season two covers a similar amount of source material as the first season, fans may not have to wait long. With 23 volumes (199 chapters) currently available, there is sufficient content, with more than 30+ episodes expected.

Blue Lock Season 2 and Movie Cast and Staff

The staff has not shared any additional information, but a brief announcement implies that the cast and crew will be back for the series and the movie.

The final episode introduced six new cast members who will have a significant role in the upcoming season. The official website revealed the new cast:

Character Voice Artist
Ryūsei Shidō Yūichi Nakamura
Tabito Karasu Makoto Furukawa
Eita Otoya Kengo Kawanishi
Kenyu Yukimiya Takuya Eguchi
Julian Loki Hiro Shimono
Leonardo Luna Shin’ichirō Kamio

Where to watch Blue Lock Season 2?

Blue Lock: Season 2 will air on Netflix and Crunchyroll upon release. The entire first season of Blue Lock was aired as a weekly episodic series. And it was streamed globally by both Netflix and Crunchyroll during that time.

Disney+ offers anime for viewing, but it is notorious for not being widely accessible in various regions.


That’s everything to know about Blue Lock Season 2 release date and the new Nagi movie. Are you excited about it? Do let us know in the comments down below.

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