BOMBARIKA Review: A Puzzle Game We’d Recommend Any Day


Review copy provided by Street Lamp Games. Reviewed on Android.

Playing puzzle games have always been one of my favourite jobs. And when that is on a portable handheld device, say, a smartphone, it becomes so much easier to enjoy the genre on the go.

The amount of puzzle games available on the mobile platform is pretty insane. And trust me, there’s a lot to choose from.

Let me load you a BOMB!

Recently Street Lamp Games, an indie studio based in India, added another game to the choices available with their ambitious take on the mobile puzzle games with their new release BOMBARIKA.

If your brain processes thoughts the same way as mine, you might have wondered why BOMBARIKA is in all caps. The reason is, you deal with bombs. BOMBS? BOOM! Get it?

What’s BOMBARIKA About?

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Hi! I am the Main Screen!

BOMBARIKA is a puzzle game where the aim is to use a very well designed physics-based indoor environment to dispose of bombs which are dropped in random location based on the levels, to prevent them from detonating inside your house. And you’ll have to do all of that within a given period of time.

Let Me Review It

The concept of the game is very unique. The way the game has been designed makes it both very addictive and enjoyable. The game has a very simplistic design and nice graphics which adds to its appeal. Every level is very well designed and has a unique touch to it either in the form of interactable objects or the layout of the level.

Play me! I am a puzle!

BOMBARIKA implements a very good game physics as a core mechanic to play around where interaction with multiple objects can give unique results. There are many approaches to solve a particular puzzle on many levels. But players are given the freedom to choose their own way which is very appreciable on part of the developers.

The game has an in-game currency of its own – Rika. Using Rika, you can purchase different styles of bombs some of which are just way too fancy to be considered bombs.

Welcome to the BOMB Shop!


When talking about other aspects, the game lacks a solid story which could have been a nice touch. But we can’t expect too much from a simplistic puzzle game.

On the other hand, the game does need a bit more polishing on the levels with fixes on minor bugs which you might encounter on your playthrough.

It is also to be mentioned that the number of levels is pretty limited. We inquired Street Lamp about the limited number of levels. Positively, they’ll add new levels in future updates.

Got money? Buy some Rikas!

The Verdict

This game is one of those puzzle games which I liked and enjoyed a lot and it has much to offer. Overall it is a very well built game with a nice implementation of game physics and excellent level design.

With additional levels and contents in the future, this game without a doubt will become one of the best puzzle games available on mobile platforms.

BOMBARIKA is currently available on both Android, as well as on iOS devices. FYI, it stands as the 5th Top Paid iPhone Game in India. For iOS, the game comes without any ads and costs $0.99.

For Android, the game is free to download. However, you’ll see an ad every once in a while (after every six deaths to be precise). For an ad-free experience, you can pay $0.99 and get the premium version of it.


Excellent Level Design.

Great Implementation Of Physics-Based Gameplay.

Unique Concept.

Nice And Simple Design With Good Graphics.


Minors Bugs That Need A Bit Of Polishing.

Limited Levels.

Lack Of A Proper Backstory.

I RATE IT A 9/10.

What do you think of BOMBARIKA? Were you able to dispose of all the bombs? Let us know in the comments below.

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