Boruto Anime forgot Sasuke doesn’t have an arm: Is it true?

Usually, when producers are set on a big anime project, one that stretches hundreds of episodes – it can be quite easy for a mistake to slip you by. Although senior animators and editors are there for that exact reason. In the bizarre scene of Boruto Episode 282, Sasuke’s Arm is there where it shouldn’t be (no pun intended).

What’s going on in the Boruto Anime?

Naruto and Sasuke lose an arm
Naruto and Sasuke lose an arm, image courtesy of Crunchyroll

Now here’s what’s going on. Currently, Boruto anime is revisiting Sasuke’s past story. The current Boruto anime arc has ended, which was the Labyrinth Game arc.

Sasuke Retsuden Arc: What is it?

  • For the uninitiated, remember Jump Festa 2023 panel for Naruto? That’s when they announced that Sasuke Retsuden Manga which is an adaptation of the light novel of the same name, will be getting an anime adaptation.
  1. So Light novel->Manga->Anime. Now the Boruto Anime is just using some extra time before they dive into adapting the canon manga chapters again. To buy time, the first episode of Sasuke Retsuden Anime is also Boruto Anime Episode 282.

Animators make a tiny mistake: Does Sasuke get his arm back?

Does sasuke Get his Arm back? Boruto 282
Sasuke in Boruto Episode 282, image courtesy of Twitter user @pridefulsin

But in Boruto’s Anime Episode 282, it seems the animators for a brief second forgot that Sasuke is not supposed to have an arm. This may have slipped past because Boruto animators have been animating Sasuke with a prosthetic arm every now and then.

Why Sasuke doesn’t have an arm?

Sasuke Retsuden sets itself near to when Sasuke did not have a growing arm. This is because he lost it during his battle against Naruto in the Valley of The End at the end of Naruto Shippuden. Naruto goes through a rare incurable charka disease.

This is something similar to the autoimmune disease of real life, his best friend Sasuke must battle against time to save his Hokage best friend.

Why Naruto has an arm but Sasuke doesn’t?

Naruto and Sasuke lose an arm
Naruto and Sasuke lose an arm, image courtesy of Crunchyroll

Unlike Naruto who got attached to his artificial arm, Sasuke decided to be the lone wolf. Keep his arm off as a sign of his best friend’s wound to his arm (heart). The arm is, by the way, made of the finest Hashirama Senju cells. Way to go genetic engineering and capitalist exploitation of the first Hokage.


Sasuke Retsuden itself is canonical. Just that it’s not directly part of the Boruto manga. It is actually a light novel co-written by Masashi Kishimoto and Jun Esaka. Mangaka Shingo Kimura is illustrating the manga adaptation.

The arc focuses a lot on Sasuke and Sakura. The episodes have thus been named Sasuke’s Story. The first episode is titled Infiltration.

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