Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 spoilers mimics Jump Kaisen with Code and Boruto teaming up

Excitement is building for the upcoming release of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4, and even though the full spoilers are still a few hours away, some major leaks have already surfaced online. While we eagerly await the complete spoiler summary, recent leaks hint at a surprising twist in the storyline.

It appears that Boruto is faced with the challenging task of forming an alliance with one of his most formidable enemies. The question on everyone’s mind is, who could this unexpected ally be?

While you stay tuned for the full spoiler summary, here’s a recap of the Boruto spoilers available so far.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 spoilers: Who is Boruto forming an alliance with?

In the upcoming chapter of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, titled “Awakening,” the plot takes an intriguing turn as Boruto showcases a surprising new ability – the Flying Raijin. It appears that his Jogan might be the key, allowing him to track Code’s movements. The story unfolds as Boruto confronts Code and discovers the ominous presence of a bug-like creature, a result of the Ten Tails’ influence.

  • As the tension escalates, we learn that individuals absorbed by the Ten Tails are transforming into claw grimes, some of which share the DNA of none other than Sasuke himself. The stakes are high, and Boruto faces the challenge of dealing with this newfound threat.

Simultaneously, back in the village, Kawaki raises concerns about Boruto cooperating with Code, suspecting a potential alliance. Shikamaru, however, dismisses this notion, citing the village’s advanced sensory unit as a failsafe against infiltration. Sarada interjects, revealing key details about Code’s monsters turning victims into living trees. She advocates for joining forces with Boruto to combat this common enemy, emphasizing the village’s well-being.

Reddit on Boruto Chapter 4 Leaks:

Boruto Chapter 4 spoilers and leaks
Boruto and Kawaki | Image Courtesy via IMDb

In a twist, Kawaki remains steadfast in his anti-Otsutsuki stance, expressing indifference towards Boruto’s allegiance. Sarada, motivated by the village’s interests, proposes an alliance with Boruto to eradicate Code and the emerging threat.

Meanwhile, Boruto attempts to negotiate with Code, warning him of the imminent danger posed by the claw grimes. Code, seemingly unfazed, departs, leaving Boruto to confront the encased Sasuke. Kashin Koji makes a timely appearance, recognizing the impending conflict and preparing for a showdown.

  • According to a Reddit leaker, an alliance between Boruto and Code might be on the horizon, aimed at tackling common adversaries. The fate of Sasuke hangs in the balance, and the leaker hints at the introduction of a powerful technique, Rasengan Uzuhiko, to secure Code’s cooperation.

The stage is set for an intense and pivotal chapter, promising unexpected alliances, fierce battles, and the potential salvation of Sasuke. We’re not sure if this is happening in the next chapter or later on, but people are pretty excited either way. The suspense is real, and everyone’s looking forward to what’s coming up.

When will Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 release?

Boruto Chapter 4 spoilers
Boruto, Mitsuki and Sarada during the Chuunin Exam Arc [Image via Twitter]
  • Chapter 4 of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex is set to hit the shelves on Friday, November 20, 2023. As a monthly manga series, each fresh installment drops in the middle of the month. You can catch all the action on Viz Media and Manga Plus.

For those itching for the lowdown on chapter spoilers, the translations will be rolling in soon. Keep an eye out here for the quickest route to stay in the loop.


The excitement surrounding Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 4 is reaching a fever pitch as leaks and speculations continue to surface online. With the prospect of Boruto forming an alliance with Code, readers are eagerly anticipating the full spoiler summary to unravel the mysteries in store.

While the Reddit leaks suggest a potential alliance between Boruto and Code to combat common adversaries, Sasuke’s fate hangs in the balance, and a powerful technique may come into play.

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