Boruto’s Rasengan Uzuhiko is a planetary level jutsu: A scientific breakthrough in the ninja world


Since the release of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 3, fans have been eagerly discussing and dissecting Boruto’s Rasengan Uzuhiko. There has been some confusion surrounding the jutsu, particularly with the idea that it harnesses the planet’s motions.

To the normal person, Boruto’s explanation about how this move taps into the planet’s motions might sound like ninja rocket science. But guess what? It’s not as complicated as you might think. The concept behind this jutsu is relatively straightforward. Here’s a comprehensive explanation of Boruto’s Rasengan Uzuhiko:

How does Boruto’s Rasengan Uzuhiko work?

In Chapter 3 of Two Blue Vortex, Boruto explains that Uzuhiko is “A Rasengan that incorporates a planet’s chakra—its rotation … The power that is rushing through your [Code’s] body right now will never dissipate. Just like how a planet will never stop rotating.

To grasp it, picture our entire planet as one colossal Rasengan. Earth, essentially, is a massive, chakra-infused sphere spinning on its axis – which is the very essence of a Rasengan’s foundation.

  • What Boruto accomplished was merging the planetary chakra into his Rasengan. Rather than delivering the Rasengan’s impact directly to the surface of Code’s body, he had it seep into Code’s internal system – the organs, blood, and chakra pathways.
  • Once the Uzuhiko Rasengan connected with Code, Code’s internal organs started spinning at the same rate as the planet itself. This abrupt shift in gravitational and centrifugal forces caused Code to experience an odd sensation. He felt stretched outwards and incredibly light in his body, while his head seemed disproportionately heavy. Additionally, the Coriolis Effect came into play, altering Code’s perception of motion, making it challenging for him to stand or move.

This disorientation explains why Code’s attack missed Boruto at close range after being hit by Uzuhiko. The Earth-infused Rasengan effectively threw off his sense of balance and stability.

Is the Rasengan Uzuhiko permanent?

Boruto Rasengan Uzuhiko
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Now, what’s truly fascinating is how Uzuhiko can persist indefinitely. Normally, a Rasengan gradually dissipates once its chakra supply is severed. So, how does Uzuhiko defy this norm?

The answer lies in the unending wellspring of chakra from the planet itself.

  • Uzuhiko continuously draws its power from Earth’s boundless chakra reserves. As a result, the jutsu remains active unless Boruto chooses to terminate it or, in an unlikely scenario, the planet stops spinning.

It’s a unique fusion of ninja skill and scientific insight, demonstrating the limitless possibilities in the world of Boruto and how the laws of physics can be integrated into the realm of shinobi.

How strong is Boruto’s Rasengan Uzuhiko? Is it a planetary feat?

Uzuhiko explained
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  • For those curious about it’s true nature, it’s crucial to clarify that Uzuhiko isn’t exactly a “planetary feat.” Despite the fact that the entire planet felt its power, it’s not a massively destructive ability (at least, not from what we’ve seen so far). So, labeling it as a planetary feat would be a bit of a stretch—unless you’re using it as a clever pun to acknowledge its reliance on the planet’s rotation.
  • This rasengan, however broken in terms of power, is simply a move to disorient and destabilize the opponent.

  • Uzuhiko may seem immensely potent, but its primary function is to create chaos within the enemy. It’s a technique designed to render the target incapable of fighting back, and given enough time, it could potentially lead to their death. Plus, if Boruto were in a hurry, he could swiftly land a finishing blow on his opponent since they’d be rendered completely defenseless upon impact.

The jutsu also acts as a near-impervious shield. Once activated, anyone who touches Boruto is immediately incapacitated, rendering them incapable of continuing the fight. It’s hard to ignore the resemblance to a classic move from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

What truly sets Uzuhiko apart is its extraordinary efficiency. Unlike other chakra-intensive techniques that drain their users, this Rasengan doesn’t exhaust Boruto’s energy reserves. It taps into the Earth’s limitless chakra supply and combines it with speed and precision, making it one of the series’ most formidable weapons. Boruto can use it repeatedly without fear of running out of chakra, which easily makes puts him among the strongest shinobi in the entire Naruto verse.


As someone who witnessed Naruto’s first Rasengan develop into the Rasen-Shuriken, Boruto’s version of the jutsu brings out a whirlwind of emotions. It’s hard to deny that the new generation of shinobi has evolved, surpassing our baby Naruto and his comrades. As much as it’s a little tough to admit, the time has come for new heroes to take the spotlight in the world of anime.

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