Adorable boy on TikTok goes viral for resembling Taylor Swift

Hold onto your cowboy hats, Swifties! The internet has unearthed a new contender for the title of Taylor Swift’s mini-me, and he’s already stolen hearts (and maybe a few “awws”) on TikTok.

Mini Taylor Swift

It all started with a video posted by user @allstyleschanceculp, featuring her son and his quest for darker eyebrows. Apparently, some playground pals had him questioning his brow game.

This is when things became lighthearted though, as another observation erupted in the comment area. The striking similarity between the young man and the pop star herself was noticed by many! The likeness was unmistakable, from the blond hair to the cheeky twinkle in his eyes.


♬ original sound – Chanci

Now, before you grab your magnifying glasses, this isn’t some high-stakes celebrity doppelganger competition. The point is, this unexpected twist has brought a lighthearted twist to the original video’s message. While bullying is never okay, it’s clear this young man isn’t letting it get him down.

Other Taylor Lookalikes

This isn’t the first time the internet has gone wild over a Taylor Swift lookalike. Remember Ashley Leechin, the TikTok star who went viral for her striking resemblance to the singer? Or how about the countless fan edits and side-by-side comparisons that pop up across social media platforms? It seems there’s a whole squad of Swiftie doppelgangers out there, each adding their own unique twist to the iconic pop star’s signature style.

Ashley Leechin Taylor Swift prank gets backlash
Ashley Leechin in LA (Image courtesy of Victor Galvan via Instagram)

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