Brazilian Actor Jeff Machado's Timeline of Events
Courtesy of Jeff Machado (Instagram)

In a shocking turn of events that has left the world in disbelief, the body of actor Jeff Machado was found in a chilling state.

As investigators piece together the circumstances leading to this horrendous crime, we are left questioning the motives behind this incomprehensible act of violence. As we await further updates on the case, here’s an account of the timeline leading to the horrifying discovery of Jeff Machado’s body.

Jeff Machado’s Disappearance

  • Jeff was reportedly last seen on January 27 after leaving a house in Campo Grande.
  • On January 28, the family reported him missing. The alarm was raised when the actor’s eight dogs were found abandoned. This was seen as unusual because the actor was reportedly fond of animals and would never abandon them.

  • Prior to the discovery of his body, the actor had been responding to text messages. However, his family noted that the writing did not sound like him. She also requested voice messages from her son, which the actor’s mother never received. The person replying also claimed that he dropped the phone on the toilet and it’s why he can’t video call or answer the phone.
  • According to Jeff’s family attorney, a week before Mother’s Day, the police were working on the theory that Machado was no longer alive.
  • After a long investigation, Jeff Machado was found in the backyard of a house on Itueira Street, Campo Grande in the late afternoon of Monday (May 22, 2023). The body was placed inside a wooden trunk and buried two meters deep. It was already in an advanced state of decomposition and was identified only by fingerprints.
  • The family arrives in Rio de Janeiro last Wednesday, May 24, to do all the bureaucratic procedures for release and to be able to take the body to Santa Catarina. The police still don’t know how the actor died or the possible motivations for the crime.

Jeff’s Family was Immediately Notified by the Police

The family, who resides in Santa Catarina, was notified Tuesday morning, which is why the case only became public knowledge very recently. The family’s attorney confirmed the information, emphasizing the importance of the family being informed before the press reported the news.

Ongoing Investigation: Motive and Possible Suspects

As the family grieves and prepares to bring the actor’s body back to Santa Catarina, the police investigation continues. The discovery of the actor’s body marks a shift from a missing person’s case to a possible homicide or murder investigation.

Details about how police were led to the location remain unclear. The Missing Persons Department of Rio de Janeiro has worked tirelessly on this case. They requested the friends and family to keep the investigation private to avoid any potential interference.

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