Breaking News: Lodi Police Discover Vehicle of Missing Stockton Man Jacob VanZant with Human Remains – latest updates

Recently, the Lodi Police Department confirmed that Jacob VanZant’s car was found near the shores of Lodi Lake with human remains inside. It had been reported missing in February. The news was unexpected for the community, especially VanZant’s family and friends, who had been searching for him for months.

Various authorities in the region had been involved in the search for VanZant for several months, but despite their significant efforts, no sign of the missing Stockton man had been found until his vehicle and body were discovered.

Jacob VanZant from Stockton found in his vehicle 

Jacob Vanzant, police revealed by Lodi Police Department, found in Jacob’s facebook
  1. On Saturday, a dive team located the vehicle of 24-year-old Jacob VanZant, who has been missing since leaving a Lodi restaurant on February 17th, according to the Lodi Police Department. Adventures With Purpose (AWP), which specializes in underwater search and recovery missions, was enlisted by VanZant’s family to assist in the search.
  2. The investigation into the incident is ongoing, and more information will be released as the case progresses. The discovery of VanZant’s car and remains has stunned the community, especially those who had been actively involved in the search for him. A Facebook group had been formed to aid in locating VanZant, and many people had been looking for him for months.

The car in the lake was located with the aid of sonar equipment, and a dive crew was dispatched to the scene. Upon recovering the vehicle, human remains were found inside, which the Lodi Police Department believes to be those of Jacob VanZant, although the identification has not been officially confirmed.

How AWP found missing Jacob VanZant from Stockton

AWP specializes in underwater search and recovery missions and was requested by VanZant’s family to find him, according to a video on their YouTube channel. AWP utilized cellphone pings to identify the search area, and the group believes that VanZant’s car crashed into the water accidentally.

They found his vehicle at the end of a road leading into the water, which can be easily missed if one isn’t paying attention. AWP’s search effort built upon the progress made by a private investigator, as per the group.

How did this Stockton man go missing?

Missing man in Stockton found
Image via Stockton Record
  • VanZant had gone missing after picking up takeout for his girlfriend from a restaurant in Lodi. He was unable to pay for the food due to a missing debit card but promised to return and settle the bill. A memorial with candles and pictures of VanZant has been set up at the end of Eight Mile Road, close to the waterway where his car was discovered.

Caitlynn Timosh, VanZant’s sister-in-law, stated that the family is too emotional to make any public statements and has requested privacy during this difficult time. Nonetheless, Timosh has expressed the family’s gratitude for the fact that VanZant’s case was not forgotten.

Despite the efforts of various agencies, it took several months to locate Jacob VanZant’s car and remains. This case is a reminder that all missing persons, regardless of their age, gender, or background, require the same amount of attention and resources. The community is seeking answers and wondering how such an occurrence could happen.

How the community has received Lodi Police finding the car of missing Stockton resident Jacob

Jacob Vanzant Lodi Police
Jacob’s previous missing poster, via KCRA TV
  • The investigation into the incident is still ongoing, and the community is eager to learn more.
  • The passing of Jacob VanZant is a tragedy, and the community extends its condolences and sympathies to his family and friends during this difficult time. The confirmation of VanZant’s car and remains has shocked and saddened the community.

The months-long search for the missing Stockton man has come to a tragic end, and the investigation into the matter is ongoing. This tragedy emphasizes the importance of treating all missing person reports seriously and providing the necessary resources to locate them as quickly as possible. During this somber time, the community will continue to seek answers and offer support to Jacob VanZant’s loved ones.


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