BRITNEY IS COMING trends on Twitter: Will there be an upcoming music release?

BRITNEY IS COMING trends on Twitter | Will there be new music soon?

Rumors of Britney Spears making a comeback have been making rounds on the internet for a while now. The US Sun also reported that the Toxic singer was allegedly back in the studio and preparing for a massive new album. This news came right after her successful collaboration with Elton John for Hold Me Closer in May 2022, but no further updates followed the initial article.

Now, finally, The US Sun once again updated, awaiting fans that Britney Spears will make her musical comeback along with American rapper The star herself also posted a clip of her dancing with the caption that ‘great news is coming tomorrow,’ and she can’t wait to share it with everyone. The Tweet and ‘BRITNEY IS COMING’ quickly went viral as fans expressed their excitement for new music.

Britney Spears’ comeback with rapper and perhaps more

It has been approximately eight years since the last album released by pop legend Britney Spears. She released her album Glory in 2016, and ever since, her die-hard fans have been awaiting her comeback. They did get to experience a little of it through her collaboration with Elton John, but it only further raised the anticipation for an album.

  • According to the reports of The US Sun, Britney is finally preparing to make a comeback with the rapper The song is titled Mind Your Business and is suspected to be released on July 21. This collaboration is especially exciting as the two artists also previously worked together on the chart burstings track Scream and Shout.
  • One of the sources of the news agency said that both the artist possesses great love and respect for each other. They also trust each other’s musical judgment, while Will is a dedicated supporter of Britney and truly wishes to see her succeed. Subsequently, both are excited about the upcoming collaboration and are sure that fans will love it.

The Black Eyed Peas rapper also recently expressed his desire to witness Britney attain her glory. During an appearance on Good Morning Britain, Will shared that ‘We’ve had some notable experiences [while] working together, and I am thrilled to witness her journey and shine.’ He also admired her passion, dedication to music, and sweet and genuine nature. furthermore voiced his wish to see Spears succeed.

Fans react

Following the Tweet posted today by Britney Spears, ‘BRITNEY IS COMING’ began trending worldwide, but fans will have to wait a couple more hours to know what is brimming. Some fans believe the upcoming collaboration will be about the new single Mind Your Business, while others are hoping for a full-fledged album. Either way, they are excited to witness Britney Spears again take over the world music charts and claim her title of ‘Pop Queen.’

On the other hand, Britney recently made headlines after NBA star Victor Wembanyama’s security guard took physical action against her. The star allegedly ran into Wembanyama in a hotel lobby and approached him. She reached out and tapped his shoulder when his security guard back-handed her. Reports state that both parties resolved the issues with apologies, but later Britney’s agency filed an account of ‘Battery’ against the security of Wembanyama.

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