“Bro is everywhere”: Twitter reacts with memes to ‘Bill Clinton kid’ prankster Matan Even crashing Hasan Piker’s stream at WGA strike

Hasan Piker gets interrupted by Matan EVens at WGA strike

Matan Even, popularly known as Bill Clinton kid pranked content creator Hasan Piker at the WGA strike. The content creator was live streaming from the strike when Even made an unexpected appearance and tried to insert himself in Piker’s video. He held a board that said:
“We love landlords”

Later, a Twitter feud began between the two regarding the incident, where Bill Clinton kid accused Hasan Piker of threatening him with a pole. Amidst the fight, platform users were surprised at Even’s ability to crash events. One stunned user said that the creator was “everywhere.” They tweeted:

Bill Clinton kid and Hasan Piker dispute at the WGA strike

Hasan Piker visited Universal City, California to stream the ongoing WGA strike. Two hours into the stream, Piker was visited by Bill Clinton kid’s Matan Even. The prankster held a sign stating that he loved landlords. The practical joker approached Piker and asked the streamer to support landlords. He even invited more people holding similar signage.

Hasan Piker ignored Even and continued with his stream, while the latter continued to mock and interrupt Piker. Even later shared a compilation of clips from the stream on Twitter. The videos received over 34,000 likes in a day.

Piker retweeted the post and wrote:
“Right nvm maybe children DO deserve the coal mines.”

The creator referenced the “children yearn for the mines meme” that became popular for mocking the recent change in child labor laws in some American states. He also added that Even’s brother, who is also his manager, attempted to get a collaboration between the two creators in the past, but Piker refused.

Bill Clinton kid replied to Piker by saying that he could have said that to his face instead of “standing there frozen.” Piker responded by saying:
“I asked you to step aside politely for the adults to picket and you said I was threatening you, I can’t be the father you never had little buddy.”

Even replied to this by saying:

“You tried to scare me by getting in my face, then you shoved a pole at me[…] I asked if you were threatening me because of how pathetic you looked. There’s a reason your cameraman panned away.”


Internet reacts to the videos

Internet users shared their surprise at Even’s ability to crash events. They shared their views through funny memes. Here are some reactions from Twitter:

Bill Clinton kid became popular after stage crashing the Game Awards when he went up stage with the team Elden Ring to accept the Game of the Year award and gave a speech.

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