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Going into his senior year, LeBron “Bronny” James Jr. took a huge dip in his ranking amongst the top high school players in the league.

Bronny James, 17, is regarded as a top prospect in his class. Just last year, he was ranked between the top 29 to 34 in his class, nationally. But, just recently, Bronny is falling off the charts. How could that possibly happen?

Bronny James Player Profile

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LeBron Reymone James Jr. (nicknamed Bronny) is the eldest son of arguably the best player in the NBA, LeBron James. Bronny, a 17-year-old guard will be in his final year of high school in Sierra Canyon Trailblazers. Throughout his stint with the Blazers, he posted up decent numbers for a guy of his size (12.2 points per game).

While Bronny is a very different player from what his father was during high school, he still is a solid member of the Blazers. As a 2-way combo guard, he prides himself both in defense and on offense. He is a 6-foot-4 guard who can defend the perimeter and block/contest shots in mid-air while also being to score anywhere on the floor.

Bronny James National High School Ranking (Class of 2023)

Last year, he was putting on a wonderful display of talent and showed a glimpse of his father’s genes in him. The athleticism, the skill, and the talent came out and turned a lot of heads in that same year.

Probably the biggest reasons why he fell off were because: first, he is not the best player in Sierra Canyon; and second, he failed to show up big time and make a difference in the team. Don’t get this one wrong, Bronny is not a bad player. He is actually a nice athlete. He is for sure a good all-around player who can defend, make plays, and knock down shots with ease.

Let’s take a look at his current ranking as well as his previous one according to some legit rankers.

According to

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Previous rank:
34th rank nationally
6th in combo guards ranking
4th in whole California

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According to

Image Courtesy of

Previous rank:
29th in the National ranking

College Career Prospect

Despite Bronny dropping off in rankings, Bronny is still getting interests from big-name schools such as Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas, and UCLA. If his father, LeBron James Sr. is able to pull some strings, the youngster could play in any of these teams. But, to be fair, Bronny’s skillset is already perfect for any collegiate team that offers him a spot.

What Is In Store for Bronny?

It is not breaking news that LeBron wants to share the floor with his son, Bronny, not just in an NBA game, but with an NBA team. Bronny, who is still in his senior year, will be eligible for the draft in 2024. If he decides to be a one-and-done college player, he could be eligible for the draft for the 2024-2025 season.

Currently, Bronny is still heading for a final year in high school. Although he has dropped all the way to the 60th percentile, Bronny could still bounce back as a senior in his team. After all, he is still considered to be a 4-star recruit up until now.

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