Bruce Willis Dementia Diagnosis Demi Moore Move in Emma Heming
Image courtesy of Emma Heming via Instagram

Bruce Willis’s wife Emma Heming has shut down rumors of ex-wife Demi Moore’s moving in with them to help following the actor’s dementia diagnosis.

The media recently reported the news of Demi Moore’s alleged move-in with her ex-husband Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Heming. They claimed the news from unknown sources was in light of Bruce Willis’ diagnosis. However, the news was discovered to be baseless following Heming’s clarification.

Emma Heming refutes Demi Moore’s alleged move-in with ex-husband Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis Dementia Diagnosis Demi Moore Move in Emma Heming
Screengrab courtesy of Emma Heming via Instagram

Model Emma Heming took to Instagram to share a story with a news clipping reading Demi Moore ‘Moved In’ with Ex Bruce Willis & His Wife To Help Care For Him After Heartbreaking Dementia Diagnosis: Source.

The said source also shared that Demi Moore spent plenty of time with Bruce and his family during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. According to them, initially, nobody could understand the reasons behind Moore moving in with her ex-husband’s family.

However, as per the source, the news now makes sense following Bruce Willis’ dementia diagnosis. They also claimed Moore is the rock of the family and intends to make every minute from the rest of Willis’ life filled with love.

Emma Heming refuting this news captioned the screenshot of the article with “Let’s nip this one in the bud.” She also called the rumor stupid and asked the media to stop spreading false news.

This isn’t the first time Emma Heming had to share a note with the media following her husband’s diagnosis. Previously, the model had taken to Instagram asking paparazzi to maintain distance and not yell at her husband. This followed their attempts to capture Bruce’s first public appearance after news of his diagnosis was released.

She shared videos through her Instagram raising awareness about Dementia. In one of them, she mentioned a clip of her husband getting some coffee and stating the media still needs more education regarding dementia.

In the strongly-worded video, she further shared that she understands it is their job, but pleaded with them to maintain some distance. She emphasized leaving space for her husband and whoever is assisting him to go from point A to B.

Bruce Willis was diagnosed with a rare kind of dementia called frontotemporal dementia

Die Hard actor Bruce Willis is suffering from a rare frontotemporal dementia. It is similar to in terms of forgetfulness, however, the symptoms may differ as the disease gets severe. One of the known signs of this rare kind of dementia is facing hardship with speech.

The patient may stop understanding and recognizing words and may have a hard time expressing themselves and speak with broken grammar, which can make it hard for the caregivers to assist them. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for this disease as of now.

Due to this, Bruce Willis’ wife, Emma Heming wishes to spread awareness about this ailment. She hopes that the media can focus on shining a light on this disease as it needs more research, as per her statement revealing the unfortunate dementia diagnosis.

The aforementioned statement also featured a sign from Demi Moore along with Bruce Willis’ family. This provoked rumors of Demi Moore’s greater involvement in the actor’s caretaking endeavors. However, those rumors aren’t true.

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