Marvel's Spider-Man

In an interview with Gamereactor, Creative Director Bryan Intihar made it clear that the upcoming Spider-Man is above all else an Insomniac game, with all that entails.

Bryan said, “Sony and Marvel wanted to work with us for a reason, and we wanted players to understand this is an Insomniac game, whether that’s the sense of humour, the vibrant colours, the traversal, and the gadgetry.”

He also mentioned the vast New York City in the game is littered with secondary content and random encounters. There will be innumerable optional activities including quests, crimes and exciting combat heavy experiences. Spidey can meet, chat and interact with NPCs and accept different missions when provided.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will also bring with it many challenges themed around the Marvel Universe, one example of which is the Black Cat stakeouts. Completing these challenges will give you crafting points, allowing you to craft new suits, gadgets and much more.

The game will also feature research stations run by an out-of-station Harry Osborn, who assigns Peter as the in-charge.

Bryan also hinted at a few details about the gameplay. He said, “… as you start to understand momentum, fluidity, flow, and expression, even with parkour, adding that level of expression…”. He further added, “We say he’s been Spider-Man for a few years, so we wanted to express that in the traversal. It’s that pick up and play nature that lets you feel like Spider-Man right away, but will feel like an even greater Spider-Man over time.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man was one of the biggest attraction at E3 2018 this year. Let me know what were your views on Peter’s homecoming on the PS4.

E3 2018 Show Floor Demo

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