Kyle Horton Bryce brother tragic car accident death
Image courtesy of Kyle Horton's Instagram

Bryce and Krista Horton make one of the most recognizable Instagram-famous couples. Their family is now going through a difficult phase as Bryce’s brother Kyle Horton has died in a tragic car accident. The Hortons’ followers need no introduction to the late Kyle, and they are all shocked by the sudden news. Let’s take a look at Kyle Horton’s accident, social media tributes for his death and explore more about his family’s Instagram fame. 

Kyle Horton’s tragic car accident and death

Bryce Horton’s brother, Kyle, was a Bakersfield native who had deep ties to the local community. He reportedly passed away on August 18 in a car accident at the young age of 28. Kyle was driving his Ford Mustang on Highway 65 near the Lerdo Highway exit.

The young man’s life was tragically cut short in a multi-vehicle collision involving a tractor-trailer and another car. Despite best efforts from rescue personnel, Kyle Horton succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

According to multiple sources, Kyle Horton was a dedicated individual who focused a lot on his personal growth and education. He studied at Frontier High School and later attended Long Beach City College. He also served as a Platoon RO at Marine Corps Recruiting.

Apart from his close ties to Bryce and Krista Horton, Kyle was also a loving father to his son. Just seven weeks ago, Kyle had announced his engagement to photographer Jori Kinney, the mother of his child. 

Bryce Horton remembers his brother Kyle

Bryce Horton took to his Instagram handle and shared a post alongside his wife Krista, announcing Kyle’s tragic death in the car accident. Bryce and Kyle were not just siblings but also great friends. 

Bryce shared memories about Kyle and how he impacted his life. He also spoke about the good times they had together and mentioned how they shared songs and movie quotes. They went from being bandmates and sharing rooms to being uncles of each other’s kids.

The Instagram influencer also added a fitting Bible quote from John 15:13, which reads, “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” The comments section of the post was filled with touching tributes for Bryce’s late brother.

Bryce and Krista Horton’s Instagram fame

The Hortons have a combined 2 million followers, with Krista’s share being more than 1.7 million. Their online journey began in 2012 when Krista shared ‘mommy-and-me’ pictures with their son Boston who was one year old at the time. 

Fast forward to a decade later, Bryce and Krista Horton have become one of the most relatable and authentic-looking couples on Instagram. Their content has evolved as Krista, also known as the ‘top knot mama,’ covers topics like dieting, nutrition, pregnancy, and parenting. 

The couple often share their personal experiences and invite others to do the same. Apart from being Krista’s account manager, Bryce became a social media influencer himself as he regularly participates in his wife’s stories.

The news of Kyle Horton’s untimely passing has left his friends and family, especially Bryce and Krista, devastated. Our hearts are with them during this difficult time. 

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