BTS: BT21 Halloween Inflatables and Other Merch | Where to Buy

Where to buy BT21 Halloween inflatables?

Are you ready to go trick-or-treating? The spooky season is around the corner, and what can be better than some BTS merch to start the shopping that will make your coin purse clink with fear? For this year’s Halloween, BTS released a new range of BT21 Halloween Inflatables and bad charms! Here’s where you can buy them all.

BTS releases BT21 Halloween inflatables

The global superstars created eight LINE Friends named BT21, each representing one of the members (and one for ARMYs). These eight little superstars, namely RJ, Mang, Koya, Shooky, Tata, Cooky, Chimmy, and Van, have their universe, plot line, and merchandise.

  • On August 21, 2023, LINE Friends announced a fresh range of BT21 Halloween merch, including eight bag charms (corresponding to each character) and exclusive BT21 Halloween inflatables. Each character is designed in costumes of a mummy, bat, skeleton, Frankenstein monster, and grim reaper to accompany you on a night of tricks and treats.
  • However, the star of this new range is the 8.5-foot wide light BT21 Halloween inflatable that will add some chilling cuteness to your Halloween decor. This blow-up features all the members, and it is delightfully cute. Here are all the places you can get one for yourself!

Where to buy the BT21 Halloween Inflatables

The BT21 Halloween merch is selling exclusively at Walmart across the USA. Bag Charms cost $11.98, Tabletop Inflatables for $14.97, and $169 for the Big Inflatable.

  • It is also available in their online stores for fearless buyers. However, as the pumpkin season gets closer, the merch is also beginning to haunt various reseller’s sites. Below is a list of places selling the BT21 inflatables:

  • eBay features many options to secure your Halloween companions but mind you, the prices listed are not for the tender-hearts. Check them out here.
  • Mercari also features the inflatables and some bag charms, but they are above the market value. Check them out here.
  • Additionally, Brownsville Craiglist has a listing of new BT21 inflatables. More will probably turn up on the site over the upcoming weeks. Check out here.

Fans reaction to the BT21 Halloween inflatables

The fans have expressed caution for the people interested in purchasing the BT21 Halloween inflatables, for their cuteness can be detrimental to your heart. Apart from that, some of the fans expressed getting chills down their spine by the $169 price tag, while others said that as it is merchandise that can be reused for years, it is a fair cost.

  • One of the fans has shared that the inflatable requires to remain plugged in to stay inflated, which is also a concern for some people. However, the tabletop inflatables are an excellent solution for smaller spaces and budgets while providing all the BT21 Halloween goodness. Read some reactions of the fans below:

Fans are excited for Halloween with this new range of BT21 merch. RJ is one of the BT21 characters that ARMYs are particularly eyeing to get their hands on. Many wish to join the fandom of white alpacas with the latest line of BT21 merch. Happy Halloween, ARMYs!

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