BTS: Dynamic Pricing System for concert tickets | Fans Unhappy

BTS: Dynamic Pricing System for concert tickets | Fans Unhappy

The real enemy of K-pop fans is when their ult’s merchandise and concert tickets seem to be overpriced. The world-famous boy band BTS has always been on top of their game when it comes to breaking records and selling out concerts. However, HYBE introduced the Dynamic Pricing System for concert tickets, and fans seem unhappy about it.

This concerned fans that this pricing system would make it challenging for them to attend these concerts and support their favorite groups. The implementation of the dynamic pricing system started with BTS member SUGA’s D-DAY Tour, where fans witnessed an enormous increase in ticket prices. And the discontent has only grown with HYBE’s plans to use this system for the upcoming TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s ACT: SWEET MIRAGE World Tour in 2023.

What is the Dynamic Pricing System?

On May 2, HYBE reported its shares and profits for the first quarter of 2023. According to an allkpop report, HYBE revealed, “Dynamic pricing has already been applied to recent concerts such as SUGA and TXT, and will be applied to all of our artists in the future.” Fans also shared a source about HYBE talking about the dynamic pricing system on other HYBE groups’ concerts.

This pricing system fluctuates and adjusts the ticket price based on its demands. Notably, several factors that cause the ticket prices are the number of tickets available, the time remaining until the event, and the overall demand for the event.

In the concert industry, this dynamic pricing system was first adopted by a concert organizer, Ticketmaster. Having ticket prices at a higher price has a benefit that ensures that tickets are priced appropriately, making it less profitable for scalpers to buy and resell them. Additionally, this system has been utilized in K-pop acts like BLACKPINK in their world tour in the United Kingdom and international artists like Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.

  • On one hand, proponents argue that it allows for a more efficient market and ensures that prices accurately reflect demand. However, some criticize the practice, claiming that it often results in higher prices for consumers. With dynamic pricing, it feels like it does not benefit fans and instead benefits only the sellers.

BTS fans unhappy about the dynamic pricing

ARMYs started the hashtags #SayNoToDynamicPricing and #NoDynamicPricing on May 3, after HYBE’s conference call that happened last Tuesday, May 2. ARMYs voiced out their opinions and dismay on Twitter using the said hashtags.

  • Some ARMYs shared their ‘dynamic pricing system experience’ during the selling of BTS SUGA’s D-DAY Tour. They shared that when they got into the ticket-selling website, the prices jumped from $150 to almost $1000. On the other hand, some fans expressed their frustration on the Weverse platform.

  • Fans continue to make noise on Twitter about how this pricing system hurts the fans. A user even pointed out that while BTS has been in demand due to its large fanbase, this would hurt those groups who don’t have the same demand as the seven-member boy group.

  • In conclusion, a lot of fans, especially under the HYBE groups, disagree with this decision of the company. Not that it only lessens the chance of getting tickets during concerts, but it also discourages the fans’ dedication to their respective idol groups.

Fans also burst outrage about changes in Weverse

Along with the HYBE’s dynamic pricing system on BTS and other groups, ARMYs got also angered about the sudden changes in Weverse. Previously, when the Weverse application launched, fans expected it to be an HYBE-only idol-fan platform. However, with the closing of VLIVE, many artists from different companies joined the platform as well.

HYBE dynamic pricing system, bts weverse
Image Courtesy of HYBE via Koreaboo

According to Koreaboo, HYBE laid out the new features coming in Weverse with their Q1 Earnings Report. Fans already know about the Weverse DM feature which allows fans to seemingly communicate with their idols privately, simply like a messaging feature. But, one feature caught the attention of eagle-eyed fans – the Membership+.

According to the report, the target release of this feature should be by Q3 of 2023. Upon looking at it, Membership+ is another paid subscription to access special features in Weverse. This includes Subtitles on Weverse Live, Weverse DM, Ad-Free, Fan Letter, Posts in Artists’ Handwriting, and Early Access to Instant-Live Replay.

  • Sure, some features can be found reasonable for paid services, but replays, subtitles, and ad-free features should just be freely enjoyed by the fans on the platform. As of now, HYBE remains tight-lipped about the fans’ anger and concerns.

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