BTS fans ARMYs demand Apology Jungkook mocked Mexican show Qué Chulada
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Mexican show ¡Qué Chulada! is facing the wrath of BTS ARMYs as they have demanded an apology following the release of the latest episode mocking Jungkook. The show has been accused of altering the context of the global singer’s statements from his recent Weverse Live.

During the broadcast, Jungkook addressed the issue of fans stalking the members of the boy group and interfering with their privacy. He politely asked them to refrain from taking such steps by stating ‘he is human too,’ which was mocked by the Mexican show and has prompted ARMYs to demand an apology.

Fans trend Respect Jungkook following the ¡Qué Chulada! show’s controversy

BTS fans ARMYs demand Apology Jungkook mocked Mexican show Qué Chulada Weverse Live
Image courtesy of BigHit

BTS’ Jungkook set a new record after doing a more than two-hour-long Live on Weverse on March 3, 2023. The other members of the group and his fans had a good laugh when the singer dosed off by the end.

During the same Live, Jungkook addressed the issues of some fans stalking and releasing personal pieces of information about the members, such as locations, flight details, and contacts.

The singer had previously announced his plans to permanently delete his Instagram profile after a recent hack. BTS opened their Instagram accounts in December 2021. Ever since then, they have used the platform to stay in contact with their fans during their individual activities.

Further, in Weverse Live, Jungkook also mentioned getting scared from seeing fans outside his gym. He talked about being approached during his personal schedules and asked them to maintain privacy.

Days later this Live resurfaced online as fans criticized the clips of the Mexican show ¡Qué Chulada! According to ARMYs, the show mocked Jungkook’s Live and spread misinformation stating that he had attacked the fans. The show also criticized the artist for drinking often and disrespecting his audience.

In light of the controversy, the ARMYs have demanded an apology and defended Jungkook, clarifying his intentions behind the statements he made during the Live.

Furthermore, they downvoted the show on Google and trended Respect Jungkook worldwide through Twitter. They also sent reports to the managing label of BTS’ Jungkook alerting them about the defamation.

BTS members controversy:  Personal details leaked and privacy invasion  

Privacy and personal space are always a matter of concern for celebrities. However, the recent rise of stalker fans leaking and buying personal contacts, addresses, flight schedules, etc. of BTS members is concerning.

The recent reports of BTS leader RM’s information leak from an official of Korean railways shocked the fans. The news was first reported by the Korean SBS channel, disclosing that an employee of Korail accessed RM’s railway booking details more than 19 times in the past three years.

The managing label BIGHIT Music promised to take legal action against these invasions of privacy and encouraged the fans to report any malicious details circulating online about its artists.

Considering the sensitivity of the, matters addressed in Jungkook’s Live fans were even more enraged by the mockery on the Mexican show ¡Qué Chulada!.

The markers of ¡Qué Chulada! are yet to release any official statement about the ARMYs’ complaints.

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