BTS J-Hope's rise to stardom From underground dancing to Lollapalooza's highest selling artist

From being a K-Pop trainee to the biggest K-Pop boy group BTS and his soloist era, J-Hope continues to make history. In this year’s Lollapalooza, a 4-day annual music festival in Chicago, Illinois in the U.S.

J-Hope became the first South Korean artist to become the headliner and performed on the main stage of the festival. He’s part along with other big artists in the lineup such as Green Day, J.Cole, Dua Lipa, Metallica, Charli XCX, and more.

Moreover, J-Hope performed on the last day, July 31 of the Lollapalooza’s first weekend. The festival is certainly sold-out and is full mostly of BTS Army fans.

As it was also photographed by a fan on top of a building on how jampacked the festival is moments before J-Hope’s much-awaited performance. What a sight it is to witness history in this major music festival.

Lollapalooza: J-Hope performed 20 songs

  • It has been a delight for the fans to witness J-hope perform over 20 songs at the music festival.
  • He performed his solo tracks in his latest album Jack In The Box which are:
    • More, Arson, Future, Safety Zone, and more.
  • Moreover, he played a tropical remix of BTS’s hit song Dynamite.
  • J-Hope’s performance is a night to remember and what a way to end the music festival indeed.

Becky G made a surprise guest performance

Fans became more hyped when Becky G made her surprise appearance to perform along with J-Hope. The two performed their collaboration song ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ back in 2019. This is also their first performance together after 3 years.

Take a look at their cool performance in this short clip below:

Jimin came to support J-Hope

  • Fellow BTS member and close friend, Jimin was seen at the music festival. During the Outro: Ego performance of J-Hope.
  • After it was ended, while going down he was seen making gestures that J-Hope killed it (the performance). Looking like the proud friend that he is.

You have come so far, J-Hope

  • The 28-year-old artist continues to show off what he’s capable of through his talent in music and performances.
  • With his historic performance in the highest-selling sold-out music festival, J-Hope certainly has come so far.
  • His event hashtag #HOBIPALOOZA gathered 1.63 million tweets which really makes him a global sensation even as a solo artist.

May it be online or not, his fans are always there supporting him. Look at the amazing crowd at the music festival below. The fans certainly hope to see more of him in the music scene. We look forward to what’s next for J-Hope!

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SOURCES: Lollapalooza, Twitter 


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