BTS Jimin’s solo debut coming soon – What we know so far

BTS Jimin's solo debut coming soon - What we know so far

BTS (방탄소년단) announced on June 2022 that the group would halt their group activities for a while. A few months after, an announcement of Jin’s enlistment came to the ARMYs. Then, it also became the start of the seven-member K-pop sensation to focus on their solo activities. J-Hope first released his first studio album entitled Jack in the Box with the title track Arson. RM followed this with another studio album called Indigo with Wild Flower as the lead track. Well, BTS Park Jimin is reportedly to make a solo debut soon, here’s what we know so far.

The solo debut of BTS Jimin

The rumor of the solo debut of Jimin came out when Sports Donga released an exclusive report on Naver. The article shocked fans as it says that Jimin is slated to drop his solo debut next month, in February.

Park Jimin, butter concept
Photo Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC via Twitter
  • According to the Donga report, BTS Park Jimin happens to be in the middle of the debut preparation. However, they said that the release date is yet to be specified.
  • Moreover, it said that Big Hit Music is yet to decide on the official date of Jimin’s solo debut. If you’re excited just like we are, we may have gotten a statement right away from the company.

Big Hit’s statement

As the news came on Monday, January 16th, Big Hit Music became quick to respond. The short Sports Donga report summoned the company to speak about the rumored solo debut of the BTS member.

  • In the statement released on MyDaily, Big Hit shortly stated “details will be announced once the schedule is finalized”. If that’s not enough for you to be hyped, then we don’t know what it is. Big Hit may have subtly confirmed the coming solo debut of your loved Jiminie! Significantly, the solo is on its way so let’s wait for the big announcement soon, ARMYs!
BTS Jimin solo, bighit
Image Courtesy of BTS via Twitter
  • It may be a huge release window as of now, but we’re hoping to get Jimin’s solo music right away. Well, it might be around February still, right?

Jimin’s solo music

Since BTS started and with all the songs they released, Jimin wrote and composed quite a lot for the group. Alongside other members, Jimin frequently writes for their album’s b-sides or side tracks.

  • Furthermore, you probably heard Jimin singing in numerous official soundtracks (OST) of K-Dramas. The most recent one, the 27-year-old performed ‘With You’ with singer Ha Sung-Woon, for the tvN drama ‘Our Blues’.

  • Recently, Jimin ventured into collaboration as ‘Vibe’ came to life. ‘Vibe’ is a collaboration song between Jimin and 2nd generation BIGBANG member Taeyang.
BTS Park Jimin, solo debut coming soon
Image Courtesy of THEBLACKLABEL via YouTube
  • This would make Jimin the fourth member of BTS to drop their solo records. He follows J-Hope, Jin, and RM way back in 2022, respectively. The remaining members Suga, V, and Jungkook also shared that their solos are being discussed and worked on. We have yet to wait on the announcement for each of theirs soon!

What do you think would be the concept of Jimin’s solo album? We can’t wait to hear more of his songs, ARMYs!

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