BTS Jungkook ‘Girlfriend’ Video shocks ARMYs on TikTok; Is it true?

BTS Jungkook Girlfriend Video shocks ARMYs on TikTok; Is it true?

BTS Jungkook’s girlfriend video is now all over the internet for allegedly depicting the K-pop star getting cozy with a woman at home. Of course, this shocks the legion of the group’s fans, called ARMYs, not just on TikTok but all over the globe. So, is it true that Jungkook now has a girlfriend, and he’s the one in the viral clip?

BTS Jungkook ‘Girlfriend’ Video

The video in question spread like wildfire on the Chinese microblogging website Weibo on September 30. The uploader claimed the man in the clip was Jungkook, who was with an unidentified woman believed to be his girlfriend. And how far could these rumors go? Some even suggested that BTS Jungkook’s alleged girlfriend was pregnant.

The video sees a man, who seemingly looks like the Seven hitmaker, hugging a woman behind her back while walking back and forth. The two seem to be inside an apartment, which is believed to be Brunnen Cheongdam, where the 26-year-old performer reportedly resides.

This luxury residential is known for its privacy and limited units per building. So, it’s a surprise that someone has managed to record a video of the alleged Jungkook while enjoying some private time—if it’s ever true.

BTS Jungkook Girlfriend Video: Is it True?

BTS Jungkook’s alleged girlfriend video has received mixed reactions from fans and critics alike. Some say the guy in the clip only looks like the South Korean singer, while others suggest it’s really him.

However, some based their assumptions on the pieces of furniture seen in the video and the ones people noticed from Jungkook’s live broadcasts. Some say that the couch and the lamp in the viral clip are the same as what they see in the BTS member’s home.

The video also shows a Doberman, Jeon Bam, known as Jungkook’s pet dog, adding more fuel to the fire. The man also has the same long hairstyle as the boy band vocalist.

So, is the BTS Jungkook girlfriend video true or not? No one can say so, especially since the video was taken from a long distance, making it hard for anyone to identify the people in the clip. But if it’s true, and Jungkook indeed has a girlfriend, there’s nothing terrible about it. Jungkook and his agency, BIGHIT MUSIC, have yet to respond to this rumor.

At 26 and with a successful career, he’s already at the right age and stage to make himself happy. However, knowing he’s in the K-pop world, where K-pop stars must follow strict dating policies, it’s maybe the reason Jungkook has yet to introduce anyone to the public.

BTS Jungkook Dating Rumors

This isn’t the first time Jungkook has been embroiled in dating rumors. It has happened several times.

Earlier this year, a post on Pann got everyone’s attention for claiming Jungkook was dating a woman from Jeju Island. The photo showed the Golden Maknae sitting beside a girl whose face wasn’t seen as the photo was taken from behind. The rumors were soon debunked after fans confirmed that the woman was only a pal as Jungkook was with a group of friends then.

Jungkook was also rumored to be dating Lee Yu Bi in 2021. Former reporter Lee Jin Ho even proved the claim after an acquaintance allegedly told him about it. However, nothing came true despite the alleged evidence that seemingly verified the gossip.

In 2019, he was also said to be married to a tattoo artist, but it was later revealed they were only friends. Jungkook was also rumored to be dating a classmate named Park Se Won and a (G)I-DLE trainee, but nothing was proven.

That said, all the dating rumors surrounding Jungkook have been proven to be only “rumors” time and over again. So, as long as there’s no strong evidence to support the claims, it’s not true.

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