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Seventeen have started their “Be The Sun” World Tour in Gocheok Sky Dome in South Korea for two nights. As their concert is already jampacked with Carats, it also brought a lot of K-Pop stars in attendance. And the fans all over the world cheered!

On the second and final night of Seventeen’s Gocheok Sky Dome concert, fans have spotted Jungkook of BTS watching the concert accompanied by a bodyguard. Jungkook even shared in his Instagram story that he’s in attendance yesterday.

(Screenshot from Jungkook’s Instagram Story @jungkook.97)

NCT’s Renjun, Chenle, Kun, Xiaojun, Yangyang, and Hendery have been spotted as well in attendance. The members were seen to be enjoying the concert. They even posted their group photos on their respective Instagram accounts showing support for Seventeen.

Fans of the respective groups especially the multifandom fans were happy seeing their favorite idols supporting their fellow idol friends.

More K-Pop idols in attendance

Not only Jungkook and NCT members attended the concert but other K-Pop idols too.

Members of ENHYPENs Jake, Jay, Sunghoon and Ni-ki, Monsta X’s Hyungwon, and Actor Lee Soo-hyuk were all spotted at the concert too. While Girls Generation’s Taeyeon and Shinee’s Key were mentioned their attendance by Hoshi on stage.

Seventeen is definitely loved by many Carats and K-pop idols.

K-pop idols being friends with their fellow idols

It’s nice to see our favorite idols interacting with each other and being actual friends. Idols being friends together is normal especially when they’re in the industry for years.

These idols have may have met together since they were trainees. They may also often meet at music shows, award shows, and concert festivals.

So there’s no wonder seeing them be friends and supporting each other. We hope and love to see more!

What’s next for Seventeen?

As they recently ended the South Korean leg of their “Be The Sun” World Tour, the group is set to come back again. With their 4th-repackaged album titled “SECTOR 17” is scheduled to release on July 18.

After the comeback, they are bound to North America for the continuation of their “Be The Sun” World Tour, and the rest of the world follows. So check out their official social media accounts for further updates.

Buckle up, Carats. It’s going to be an exciting ride with Seventeen.

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