ARMYs defend BTS Jungkook after Smoking went Viral; Who took the Video?

BTS Jungkook smoking video goes Viral; Who took the Video?

The global K-pop star from BTS is getting backlash after pictures and videos of Jungkook smoking surfaced on social media. However, the star’s fandom ARMYs soon came to his rescue and defended him from the unnecessary bullying. Here’s a coverage of the video. How did it surface online, why is it receiving a backlash, and whether Jungkook broke any laws about smoking?

Who shared the video of Jungkook smoking?

The K-pop artist recently broke many records with his first solo album, Seven in the United States, for some work. While visiting, he was captured outside of Matsuhisa, a restaurant in LA, California, famous among the celebrities.

  • In the video and pictures published by the celebrity gossip site Lainey Gossip by the organization BACKGRID, Jungkook is smoking a joint or a cigarette. These images spread like wildfire among the K-pop communities, as smoking is usually frowned upon in the industry.
  • The fans and netizens believe that smoking is a bad habit. K-pop artists with young fans should be mindful of keeping their smoke break away from the public eye.

ARMYs defend Jungkook smoking video

As soon as the video clip went viral and began garnering backlash for the youthful K-pop superstar, his fans came to his defense. They emphasized that Jungkook isn’t a minor and his smoking isn’t crossing with any laws and regulations.

  • ARMYs shared that Jungkook is particularly aware of his health. It is his decision to do what he wishes to do. Meanwhile, some ARMYs recalled Jungkook sharing concerns about his father’s smoking habits.
  • During his appearance on the American Hustle Life, Jungkook mentioned that he hated that his father smoked. He, then, urged him to give it up for the sake of better health. Due to this, some of the fans felt concerned for the BTS maknae.
  • On the other hand, the reports that Jungkook allegedly broke some laws by smoking went viral on social media along with his videos and images.

Did Jungkook Smoking video captures him breaking any laws?

The state of California is famous for its strict approach toward smoking. Various laws protect air purity and avoid secondhand smoke or passive smoking as much as possible. These laws include a separate section regulating when people can’t smoke inside (public transport, restaurants, etc.) and outside (near playgrounds, schools, etc.).

  • The city of Los Angeles also has laws regarding smoking, which state that nobody is allowed to smoke within 50 feet of business entrances. As Jungkook smoking clip is captured right outside the restaurant, rumors that he broke a law came online.
  • However, in Beverly Hills, the same area as the restaurant, people have permission to smoke on the sidewalk and in private business areas allocated for smoking. As per the restaurant’s manager, the sidewalk where Jungkook smoking video was taken also falls under this area. So, the BTS maknae didn’t break any laws by smoking.

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