BTS Jungkook Solo Album GOLDEN arrives in 2023; All Details

BTS Jungkook Solo Album GOLDEN arrives in 2023; All Details

Have you been waiting for Jeon Jungkook’s solo album seven days a week? Well, the long wait’s finally over, ARMYs; the BTS Jungkook solo album GOLDEN is set to arrive in a month. At midnight of October 4, KST, the announcement dropped across BTS’ official social media accounts. Quickly, ARMYs’ excitement went over the roof on X (formerly Twitter). In case you missed it, here are all the details for the upcoming BTS Jungkook solo album GOLDEN.

It’s Coming: Jungkook’s Solo Album GOLDEN

We wouldn’t be lying; we were dumbfounded when the news dropped. Mark your calendars for Jeon Jungkook’s first-ever solo album, ARMYs! GOLDEN is slated to release on November 3, 2023, at 1 PM KST. It’s certain that we will hear his earlier released tracks on the album Seven (feat Latto) and 3D (feat Jack Harlow).

Many possibly wondered how Jungkook’s album was called GOLDEN. We thought part of it came from his nickname, the golden maknae. Believe it or not, we weren’t wrong. In the BIGHIT MUSIC announcement, they wrote that ‘GOLDEN’ is inspired by Jungkook’s golden moments, being the BTS maknae and a solo artist.

If that information is hyping you already, you better prepare yourselves as this BTS Jungkook solo album GOLDEN is a full-length one. Yup, you read that right, ARMYs; JK’s GOLDEN album will be having 11 tracks, including the two chart-toppers he pre-released this year.

Will it be an all-English album?

As of this writing, BIGHIT MUSIC and Jungkook have been tight-lipped about any other album details. However, if you missed the circulating rumor a few months ago, it was reported that his upcoming album would consist of all English songs. Let’s take it with a grain of salt for now and wait until the tracklist and official updates come out!

  • But we wouldn’t mind hearing Jeon Jungkook sing 11 English tracks, right? Oh, that’s some kind of a dream for international fans, and we can’t wait to know what’s coming next!

Pre-orders: Where to Buy the Physical Album

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and surprise! The pre-order for the BTS Jungkook solo album GOLDEN begins on Wednesday, October 4, 2023. The pre-purchasing of albums runs until Thursday, November 2.

There are three (3) versions: the SHINE (Green), SOLID (White), and SUBSTANCE (Blue). Moreover, there’s a GOLDEN physical album and the GOLDEN (Weverse Albums Version).

BTS Jungkook solo album GOLDEN
BTS Jungkook Solo Album GOLDEN | Image Courtesy of BTS Weverse
BTS Jungkook solo album GOLDEN Weverse Albums
BTS Jungkook Solo Album GOLDEN Weverse Albums | Image Courtesy of BTS Weverse

According to BIGHIT MUSIC’s announcement, there are numerous sites and ways where you can buy the BTS Jungkook solo album GOLDEN.

  • For the GOLDEN album, check out online and offline music stores that offer JK’s album.
  • As for the GOLDEN (Weverse Albums Version), here is where you can buy it.
    • Korea retailers: Online and offline music stores where albums are sold
    • Japan retailers: BTS JAPAN Official Shop / Universal Music Store
    • US retailers: Weverse Shop USA
    • Europe retailers: Weverse Shop GLOBAL
  • With all these choices, we prefer pre-ordering on the Weverse Shop. A video call fansign raffle and autographed poster raffle could be yours when you pre-purchase your albums on Weverse Shop GLOBAL. So what are you waiting for?

All Album Inclusions

Now that we know where we can purchase the BTS Jungkook solo album GOLDEN, let’s check out what’s inside the album. The GOLDEN album screams elegance, and we definitely want to get a hand on it!


GOLDEN Album GOLDEN (Weverse Albums Version)
Book Case Book Case
Photo Book Photo Book
CD & CD Envelope QR Card
Post Card (2 ea) User Guide
Poster Post Card (1 ea)
Photo Card (2 ea) Photo Card (1 ea)
Symbol Sticker Contents Envelope
Contents Envelope

Will the BTS Jungkook solo album GOLDEN be a success?

We know this doesn’t need to be a question because a whopping YES would always be the answer. With each BTS member’s solo debut, they never fail to give it all out, and so do the ARMYs. All the members came to break records successfully, album sales, music show wins, and even a solo tour, all thanks to the APOBANGPO love.

  • Jungkook happens to be the last member to have a solo album debut, and we’re pretty sure that the rest of the BTS members and ARMYs have waited for this. Now that it’s coming on November 3, the hype and anticipation grew massively.

Jeon Jungkook already made a name for himself as a BTS member and a soloist. With the wins of his pre-release tracks, Seven and 3D, undoubtedly, this will be another success for BTS, the ARMYs, and, of course, the golden maknae himself, Jeon Jungkook.

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