BTS Member with the Most Fans – Ranked (Updated January 2024)

ARMYs, we may have news for you. As much as we love the boys equally, there are always members who own ARMYs’ hearts a little more than the others. So the first question is, who is your bias from BTS? The seven-member boy group has been actively busy with individual acts. If you are answering who your bias is, it’s okay; ours changes every time, too! Anyway, without any more things to say, let’s find out the BTS member with the most fans. We’ll do it from the least to the most, so stay with us!

BTS member with the Most Fans

We based this list on the information in the poll in Kpop Profiles and the Global Hallyu Trend 2022. Also, we got the positions from forums and Kpop Profiles, although, for the past years, BTS has been flexible in the positions they have. Everyone sings, dances, and raps well. So here it goes!

[Update as of January 2024, with Instagram Followers Count]

IG Accounts Followers Count
7) RM @rkive 45.2 million
6) Jin @jin 47.7 million
5) SUGA @agustd 48.4 million
4) j-hope @uarmyhope 48.6 million
3) Jungkook @jungkook.97 51 million (last checked)
2) Jimin @j.m 53.2 million
1) V @thv 63.4 million

7th rank: RM

Earlier known as Rap Monster, AKA Kim Namjoon, ranks seventh BTS member with the most fans. We did quite expect that Namjoon would be somewhere the least. But seriously, though, why ARMYs? Hahaha, kidding aside, we have personal preferences, so that’s fine—1/3 of BTS’ rap line and probably the member who loves music the most.

BTS Kim Namjoon, RM
RM catches seventh as the BTS member with the most fans | Image Courtesy of Kim Namjoon via Instagram (@rkive)
  • Namjoon stands as the leader and main rapper of the group. He’s been co-composing and co-producing for around 150+ songs already. This leader may act so tough on the outside, but we know how playful and relaxed Namjoon is.
  • Just last year, RM released her solo debut album entitled Indigo. The album consists of 10 tracks he collaborated with artists like Youjeen and Tablo. Recently, RM got featured in Colde’s song, Don’t Ever Say Love Me.

6th rank: Jin

The oldest member ranks sixth on the list, Kim Seokjin. The 1992-liner has a stunning visual that everyone would say, “I agree.” Some fans say he and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo look alike; see for yourself if it’s true!

BTS member with the most fans Kim Seokjin
Jin places sixth as the BTS member with the most fans | Image Courtesy of Kim Seokjin via Instagram (@jin)
  • Seokjin is in charge of being a sub-vocalist and visual of the group. Alongside RM, he’s the one who is in control most of the time in dealing with the members. Well, if he’s the oldest member, we can assume that the younger ones tend to joke around and probably try to annoy him.
  • While we wait for his return from his military enlistment, ARMYs, let’s stream The Astronaut. Pretty sure new tracks will be waiting for us once Jin finishes his service. And we can’t wait!
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5th rank: SUGA

Coming in fifth place on this BTS member with the most fans list is 1993-born member SUGA. Min Yoongi marks the 2/3 BTS rap line. Like the other two rappers, he’s been constantly involved in composing and producing songs, and he’s already credited with around 120+ songs.

  • If you can see Agust D on solo projects, that’s probably Yoongi. He uses the alias for his solo works, where (read it backward!) DT means Daegu Town, and his name is spelled back. Yoongi is the group’s lead rapper and just finished with his first-ever solo, SUGA | Agust D ‘D-DAY’ Tour!
  • He released his album this April 2023, just before he kickstarted his D-DAY tour. SUGA’s solo debut album, D-DAY, is composed of 10 tracks. The pre-release track, People Pt.2, joined SUGA and singer-actress IU again in a heartfelt song. ICYMI, SUGA prepares for his military enlistment on September 22, 2023.
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4th rank: j-hope

Another 1994 buddy, J-Hope, ranks fourth BTS member with the most fans. Jung Hoseok, 3/3 member of the BTS rap line, is actively participating in composing and producing songs. Just a little fun fact: ICYMI, he chose the stage name J-Hope to become a source of light and hope to their fans. That’s very sweet of him, right?

  • He’s the main dancer, sub-rapper, and sub-vocalist of BTS. Also, J-Hope released his solo debut album “Jack In The Box” last July 15, 2022. He’s part of the hyung line (oldest members) too. We may probably hear more solo songs from Hoseok soon, and we can’t wait for that!
  • Hobi always shows his appreciation and love for music for ARMYs, so let’s listen to ‘on the street’ all together! This collaboration with J.Cole (and, of course, his talent) possibly boosted his popularity in the music industry. J-Hope dropped his Jack in the Box album in 2022; now, Hoseok serves in the military.
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3rd rank: Jungkook

Now, as the third BTS member with the most fans, let’s say hello to no other than the golden (and favorite) maknae, Jungkook! The 1997-born Jeon Jungkook took 11th place in the Hallyu Global Trends 2022. While on Kpop Profiles, he has 1.5 million votes as their bias. Fun fact: Jungkook has been friends and is in a group chat with fellow 1997 liner idols like SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, The8, DK, and NCT’s Jaehyun, among others.

BTS member with the most fans JUNGKOOK
Jungkook ranks as the third BTS member with the most fans | Image Courtesy of BTS via Instagram (@bts.bighitofficial)
  • The maknae Jungkook is in charge of the main vocalist, lead dancer, sub-rapper, and center positions. An all-rounder member indeed! Additionally, if you know Charlie Puth’s Left and Right, we hope you know that Jungkook is featured there. He released his debut single track, Seven (feat Latto), so make sure you add that to your playlist!
  • Based on their Instagram followers, he’s been overtaken on this list. What just happened is that Jungkook deactivated and deleted his Instagram account. He said he doesn’t often use his IG, so instead, he just decided to delete it. Currently, the maknae maximizes the Weverse application to communicate with the ARMYs. Catch his live streams and updates there!
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2nd rank: Jimin

Now we’ve entered the last two, ARMYs! In this BTS member with the most fans list, let’s begin with Park Jimin, the last member to join the group (but never the last in ARMYs’ hearts!) Jimin ranks 15th as the most popular K-pop artist globally in 2022 Global Hallyu Trends. This group made it big, as BTS ranked 1st in the said survey.

BTS member who has the most fans, park jimin
Image Courtesy of Park Jimin, BTS via Instagram (@j.m, @bts.bighitofficial)
  • Going back to Jimin, he is another main dancer alongside J-Hope. He sure will dance right away with just a bit of music heard. The 1995-born member also is a lead vocalist of the group. We just listened to the latest album, ‘FACE,’ and we hope you did too! Jimin once again proved how a great artist he is in the K-pop industry!
  • And another surprise caught ARMYs off-guard! On May 9, it was revealed that Jimin joined the Fast X crew! Not an actor, but one of the artists behind the soundtrack of the upcoming Fast and Furious film Angel Pt. 1, released on May 18. How was your listening experience?
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1st rank: V

The second and first ranks have been continuously a sweet battle between the last two members. For this list, we’ll rank V as the BTS member with the most fans. Kim Taehyung earned the 14th spot, just a rank higher than Jimin in the Global Hallyu Trends. On Kpop Profiles, V has the highest ranking, being the fans’ bias at 1.7 million votes.

BTS member with the most fans, Kim Taehyung
V takes the BTS member with the most fans | Image Courtesy of Kim Taehyung via Instagram (@thv)
  • Furthermore, Taehyung is the lead dancer and sub-vocalist of BTS. He’s a 1995-liner known by the members as Blank Tae because of his blank expression. He also had his acting debut in 2016-2017 during the drama “Hwarang.”
  • The recent ELLE KOREA photoshoot took the internet swooning at him and storming over his Instagram account for the photos. We just saw V’s solo album after months of rumors about his solo debut and MV filming circulating. Have you listened to his debut album, Layover?

That’s it, ARMYs! Who’s your bias?

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