BTS member with the most talents ranked

We’re back at it again, ARMYs. We may have another ranking in for you here, and maybe we can hear yours too. Recently, we ranked BTS members with the most fans based on the Global Hallyu Trends and Kpop Profiles data. For today, we’ll be ranking the BTS member who has the most talents. We know BTS is such a talented group with exceptional skills, but they do have a different forte, and here’s our take on that. So if you want to know more, then you may want to stick around here.

BTS member with the most talents

Hmm, we’re thinking about how to rank these talented members fairly, so we came up with a few things we can base on: Vocals, Dance, Rap, and Music-related things (playing instruments, music-making, etc.).

Do know that there’s no intention of pitting the members against each other, and this is purely our opinion. Let’s start, shall we?

Rank 6 to 7: Jin and V

Nobody would even argue that these two members have the best visuals in BTS, maybe even the Kpop community would not argue. Anyways, they aren’t just the visuals, they are talented just like the rest of the members too, although with fewer skills than the others.

  • Seokjin and Taehyung are capable of singing, but not too competent enough. Besides, sometimes the lines given to them are fewer than the others, maybe they just need a little more exposure to find what music fits them most. They can dance and rap as well, but not the best. They may not be the best, but surely they can pull off any genre that BTS does.
BTS member with the most talents JIN and V
Image Courtesy of @bts.bighitofficial via Instagram
  • They blend and complement well with the other members which makes them so great to see on stage. Taehyung’s voice is around the lower tone but he can hit high notes as well. On the other hand, Seokjin has one of the most stable voices in the group.

Rank 5: Jimin

We’ll give Jimin the fifth rank in this list of BTS member with the most talents. Among the seven-member boy group, Jimin has the highest tone when singing. Honestly, his voice sounds too thin for him, but it fits well with the other members’ voices.

BTS member with the most talents JIMIN
Image Courtesy of @bts.bighitofficial via Instagram
  • Jimin can rap too, but that’s not his forte. He may not be the strongest in vocals and rap, but we know how deadly his moves are. His dancing makes up for the other talents. He could carry the group in dance battles, alongside the other main dancer here.

Rank 3 and 4: RM and Suga

Seriously, it’s hard to rank them based on the talents they’re showing off, so we’ll put these two here. Music-making abilities? Check. They can sing and dance? Check. Do they rap? Of course, they do.

BTS member with the most talents RM and SUGA
Image Courtesy of @bts.bighitofficial via Instagram
  • RM has a nice singing voice, he can sing but is not much of a powerful dancer. And so is Suga, pretty much in skills, they are the same, they are producers and songwriters too. But even before their debut, they are known to be great rappers, and up until now, when we say rapping, probably RM and Suga would be on top of your list.

Rank 2: J-Hope

Do you expect Hobi here in the second? We all know how talented he is, if you’ll need an all-rounder, J-Hope and the first rank would be your pick from BTS. Hobi produces and writes, along with RM and Suga (rapline!).

BTS member with the most talents J-HOPE
Image Courtesy of @bts.bighitofficial via Instagram
  • He can sing, surely he can. Of course, he can dance too, he’s extremely great at it. Side by side with Jimin, they can take the stage on fire with their dance moves. Rapping? No doubt, it’s like his home in all these talents. Seriously, Hobi is such a great artist with great potential. Stream his Jack in the Box solo album!

Rank 1: Jungkook

If you remember correctly, the maknae also topped the member with the most fans. For another time, the golden maknae grabs the first rank with the BTS member with the most talents. Do we have to explain it further? Singing, dancing, rapping, and music-making are all checked. He and J-Hope have almost the same talents and skills from what we see.

BTS member with the most talents JUNGKOOK
Image Courtesy of @bts.bighitofficial via Instagram
  • But what took him to the first place? With his amazing vocals (a little better than Hobi, that’s why he took the first), he can be considered the best singer among the rest of the BTS members. He dances and raps decently well, and is credited for songwriting and composing too. We’d want to hear solo songs from Jungkook, maybe this year would be the time to hear some? We surely can’t wait for that!

What’s not to love from BTS? We may have ranked them here, but we do know that when they are on stage and together, they just have the perfect combination. Everybody complements each other, and everybody (in Twitter lingo!) just pops off and slays.

That’s it, ARMYs? Share your thoughts below!

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