BTS members craziest hairstyles, ranked

ARMYs, we’re here again! You’ll probably enjoy this ranking we have here. As you’ve read from the title, we’ll have BTS members’ craziest hairstyles! We’ve been thinking about ranking the worst crazy and the best crazy, and we think we’ll go with the latter. We’ll present to you the most iconic and craziest BTS members’ hairstyles. So if you have your favorite style, you can tell us in the comments! If you want to know our picks, then you may keep on reading below.

BTS members’ craziest hairstyles

BTS is known to pull off any fashion items, hair color, and styles. You can see that in their music videos, from black to platinum blonde, rainbow, undercut, and such, and mind you, they look perfect.

  • Since there are many hairstyles to choose from, we’ll put down our crazy favorites below. This is what we think is the craziest hairstyle that perfectly fits the members. Most of these hairstyles are tied, so you may see four rankings here, let’s start!

Rank 4

JIMIN’s Purple Hair at the 2019 Grammys

  • Let’s first start with Jimin’s purple hair during their first appearance at the Grammys. This might have turned ARMYs shocked with the abrupt color change, but did fit him perfectly. Just a hint of saying 사랑해 (I love you) to ARMYs. Jimin has been one of the talks of the town, “the one with the purple or pink hair” during the Grammys. This would come down as a personal favorite, aside from the rainbow hair and the long black hair (and with the highlights too!)

JIN’s Purple Hair with Streaks at the 2019 Osaka concert

  • And of course, this could probably be one of ARMYs’ favorites too. Not just Jin’s purple hair that turned out to have pink or blonde streaks, but the story of how it became like that too. He had blonde hair before reaching Japan and had purple during the concert?! That fast?! Well, Jin may have done something impulsively cute before the concert — he tried to self-dye his hair purple. And now it’s one for the history books in the ARMY land. #LeJINdary it is!
BTS members craziest hairstyles, JIN
Image Courtesy of Koreaboo (1), (2)

Rank 3
SUGA’s mint hair during the RUN era

  • We think we can agree that Suga’s mint hair is truly an icon in the history of BTS eras. Up to this day, we can mark this Yoongi as one of our favorites. Check out 2015’s ‘Run’ music video to see what we’re talking about! The duality he has with this hair is one for the books. The Run MV looks dark and hip-hop atmosphere, so Yoongi looks cool but at fan meetings, he looked so adorable with his hair! The color fits Suga a little too nicely, so the question is, when can we see mint hair Suga again? *weeps*

V’s curly hair during the Butter era

  • Okay, up next would be V’s ‘poodle-like’ hair during the Butter era. There may be some negative comments about this, but what’s not to love? Taehyung felt comfortable, and he looks like he loved this hair so much. He definitely rocked this hairstyle which is quite a hard thing to pull off. But he is Taehyung! This hairstyle deserved much more, his hair looks more of like permed curly hair which the member enjoyed too! He’s in charge of the cuteness, and so he became very much adorable with this style!
BTS members craziest hairstyles, V
Images Courtesy of Soompi and Pinterest

Rank 2
RM’s platinum blonde hair during the Map of the Soul: Persona era

  • We’re down to our second rank and let’s first mention RM’s platinum-blonde hair. We think we’ll all agree that RM his natural hair color is on a different level of attractiveness. The mullet hairstyle fits him so well too, but imagine him taking it to another level, AGAIN. RM with platinum blonde hair? Oh, he definitely slayed that look. In the Persona comeback, he’s back again with the bleaching era, but it turns out to be as beautiful as ever. He may have tried different colors already, but we think would never go out of style. *winks*

JUNGKOOK’s blonde and undercut during the Dynamite era

  • Another one on the second rank would be BTS’ maknae but with the craziest hairstyle. If you’re one of the ARMYs that almost fainted when they saw Jungkook’s blonde undercut, count us in too! He may have tried a few colors on his hair, but this blonde undercut is untouchable (at least for us!). His blonde hair styled with his dark hair undercut would probably leave ARMYs gasping for air every time. Not quite sure if that’s a mullet cut, but it fits him perfectly, OMG! See, he’s so handsome and cool for that hairstyle!

Rank 1
J-HOPE’s wavy black hair in his airport photo in 2022

  • If you don’t agree with us, it’s fine, but we want to rank j-hope’s wavy black hair airport photos from earlier this year. Seriously, who wouldn’t love a sleepyhead j-hope with his hair all wavy to curled yet still looking so fine? He was welcomed by fans at the airport before he flies off to Chicago’s music festival Lollapalooza. But who expected to see a rockstar-like Hoseok in the airport? No one, that’s why until now we’re still stuck in that July 2022 moment. He just ruffles his hair, but he’s looking great!
BTS members craziest hairstyles, J-HOPE
Image Courtesy of Koreaboo

That’s it, ARMYs! Let us know your favorite BTS members’ hairstyles!

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